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  1. Well, the saddle bag is definitely bigger than the pouch. But in my view, it does not hold substantially more than the pouch. Possibly due to the form and pretty narrow zipped opening
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  2. I was afraid you were going to say that - thanks for the info!
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  3. What do you all think of the oblique saddle bag? (Think this posted twice)
  4. I prefer the leather versions, but I am usually not a big monogram fan (with some exceptions) so that's probably just me.
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  5. I think Maria Grazia Chiuri uses this vintage monogram tapestry better than Kim Jones' team. The strap (especially with the sporty buckle) almost looks too athletic for the style. Maria Grazia pairs other "vintage" aspects with this monogram like antique gold hardware and leather trim in a similar fashion to vintage bags.

    I like it, don't get me wrong. Maybe I'm just used to seeing that canvas on Dior bags with vintage aesthetic (including the Dior Vintage Traveler collection during Galliano's time). But I think it looks better in plain leather or with a less vintage-looking monogram canvas.
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  6. My pouch arrived early. :happydance: I love it - the design is beautiful, the leather is supple and very pleasant to the touch. The positioning of the straps makes it very comfortable to wear crossbody. For me, it holds a little more than I was expecting. As long as I take my car key off the ring, both it and my house keys fit comfortably in the front zippered pouch. The main pocket is quite narrow but it fits my Kindle Voyage with case, my iPhone with case and a small Fendi card case. There's a bit of room left over on the side for a lip balm or something else small, but I don't like playing Tetris with my bag, so I probably wouldn't add that. Please excuse the very low quality pic. I wanted to see how it fit over my bulky winter shearling coat (for reference, I am a 5'6" tall woman):

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  7. I love this bag! Congratulations!
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  8. Thanks, @averagejoe! I'm very happy with my first Dior bag. I have my eye on the Kim Jones Saddle Bag now. Do you have any sense of how difficult this bag will be to get in the long run?
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  9. If you were able to get this bag, then I don't think it will be that much more difficult to secure the other Saddle bag style. It's still a new item so it is hard to find initially like most popular new releases, but soon there will be more. Someone here said that the Saddle sling bag is seasonal, but I think it will actually be reiterated season after season in different colours.
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    That's a good point. Now that you mention it, I believe there was at least one different version of the bag - apart from that $23k+ metal showstopper - in the Pre-Fall 19 show... I guess the big question is - how will later versions be priced?

    Thank you!
  11. They may be priced higher if they have some sort of embellishment, and prices may increase again.
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  12. I have a slightly odd question I'm hoping I can get a few opinions on. I really like the saddle pouch that I received yesterday (see pic in quoted message). A friend of mine commented yesterday that it looked like a gun holster to her. Do you agree? I have to admit (and speaking strictly as a middle-aged Mom) if that's the general impression the bag gives, I'm not as thrilled to wear it, especially when I go to pick up my son at school. :sad: I look at it, and I still see the Dior saddle shape, but maybe that's because it's what I was looking for when I bought the piece... I wonder if it would look like a holster design to someone not familiar with the Dior saddle? What do you think?
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  14. Looks great on you. But yes it does resemble gun holster.
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  15. I didn't see it before and I guess the asymmetrical flap, sling style, and black colour can give that impression. However, upon closer inspection, people should be able to see that there is no pistol handle, and only the flap is asymmetrical while the body of the bag is just like any handbag so it's not truly shaped like a gun.
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