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Aug 13, 2014
As I expected, the last Flo bag I ordered, which went backorder,
has been cancelled by ILD. The day before the credit appeared on
my Credit Card account, ILD assured me the bag hadn't been cancelled and
was expected to arrive/ship in about 6 weeks.
Guess not.

I'm a little disappointed, it was a great price.
but everything else I got during that sale was
in great condition, so all in all, things turned out well.
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Aug 13, 2014
Tuesday Feb 15
New ILD sale on selected items, up to 65% off

For AWL lovers, a Brenna at an excellent price.
It has a gold logo plate... not traditional AWL hardware,
but description says AWL. And the weight is heavier than it
would be for regular pebbled leather.

There goes my 'no buy' plan.
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Aug 13, 2014
July 12 2022 new sale at ILD :biggrin:
Alto lovers.... some of the Alto Camilla are half offer! Seems to be
limited to the ostrich embossed Alto Camilla.

I haven't had time to explore the site for other treasures yet.
But anytime Alto is half off.... that's worth contemplating.
Do I already own the colors they have?
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Aug 13, 2014
ILD: for zip zip lovers.... Oakdale (croco embossed ) ZZ is half off
now. Black with dark brown trim. Very elegant combo.

Dooney seems to be showing a lot of croco embossed styles on QVC recently.
Typically textured leathers are popular in fall/winter. The Oakdale is an
older croco embossed 'pattern'. Either you like exotic embossed leather
or you don't. If you do.... it's hard to find decent sale prices since the list prices
have gone up so much over the last few years. I've been collecting the exotic
embossed leathers for years. Very classic and elegant ... not athleasure!
Black, dark brown, and cognac embossed leathers are the most realistic
looking colors. IMHO
Aug 13, 2014
July 12: on ILD; add the Maxi Quilt Darcy to the bags to think about.

If you've been looking for a denim fabric handbag, this one is now
on sale for $119 in Marine (blue). That's a great sale and the Darcy
is a great satchel. Also available in white, but since the Maxi Quilt is
an untreated fabric, I prefer the darker colors, like Marine, for more
carefree wear.

No, I'm not at all connected with Dooney in any way. Just a collector
and I have my own likes and dislikes. I bought the Marine Maxi Quilt
Darcy a few months ago when the price went down. I got caught up in
the denim handbag trend. I'm happy I added it to my collection,
not that I needed another handbag.... then or now or ever!
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Aug 13, 2014
ILD: this Labor Day weekend has some good prices.
Be sure to enter the discount code (LABORDAY) in your shopping cart
to see the actual sale price.
I found 2 larger Flo handbags I'm drooling over....
a pale blue and a fuchsia, at really good prices.
No where to put the handbags and I don't need them....
but it's a challenge resisting.
Also lots of neutral colors in Flo and Alto and pebbled and suede, etc.
but my heart sings for fuchsia and pale blue.
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Sep 28, 2022
Not sure this is the right thread for this - but a charity auction I am working on is selling two Dooney bags that are collectors items.
One is the Dooney & Bourke Disney Dogs Sketch Wristlet:

The other is the Dooney & Bourke Pink Aristocats Satchel:

Both are NWT and have good character "placement" on the bags, which I am told is a thing.
Aug 13, 2014
I ordered a small pebble grain drawstring crossbody in caramel that is listed as a preorder. It was on sale on the DOONEY website and a coupon on top of that.
Are they usually reliable about filling preorders?
It can go either way. A preorder indicates they plan to have the handbag
available to ship. But the lead time can vary, and manufacturing and overseas
shipment schedules often change. So if you have patience, you might get the
handbag, but it could be weeks or months. Or they could eventurally cancel
the preorder.

On the plus side, you locked in a good price and you have lead time to cancel the order if you get tired of waiting or find a better price or something you prefer.

I don't know if they bill your credit card when you place the preorder, as they do
for items in stock. So keep your eye on your credit card.... you may be paying for the item months before you get it. If a preorder is cancelled, the charges are credited. Dooney is a reputable company, although sometimes the admin and customer service aren't the best, in my experience. So you need to keep on top of your orders, etc.

I hope this helps.