Does babying your bag ruining your enjoyment ?

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  1. I have a complex of too much babying my LV bags.

    I go crazy if anything touched it.

    Yesterday DH spilled a considerable amount of ice cream right on top of the VACHETTA of my newish Beverly.

    I went ballistic !

    I kept on looking at it now to see if it left mark.

    It doesn't. I still kept on looking. Oh maybe a little mark...

    Last time my Saleya vachetta got a jeans transfer.

    I spent 3 hours cleaning it. Man, I have a love hate relation ship with vachetta !

    Now I felt like I am enjoying my $200-300 bags so much more.

    It got dirty, no probs. Hang it on toilet hanger, no probs. Put it on the floor, no probs.

    I started to enjoy using them more.....

    Please help me overcome this obsessive compulsive behaviour and help me enjoy my LV more.

    Funnily, I am not as crazy with my Tods and BV even though they are the same price.

    I dont have to wash my hand everyti
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    I know it's hard not to obsess. Try to think of it this way, every water drop and small spill is battle mark. Everytime you see each tiny flaw, it will remind you of the fun times you had with your LV, like seeing a drop of water and remembering the memory of getting caught in the rain with your DH on your way home from a date. I have the same problem (iI'm a guy) and baby my keepall, trying to keep the patina even. The first mark is the worst, I try to take the rest in stride!
  3. i think these marks give the bag character and distinguishes them from anybody else's. besides, when the vachetta eventually turns into that famous dark honey colour it would be barely noticeable. i do understand why you get a bit fussy about the condition of your bags. but don't let it overpower you. own your bags, don't let them own you :yes:
  4. For me I have my "daily driver" purse and then special ones that I baby. Just like my favorite car..LOL...I do not drive it daily...I drive my junky auto and only use the Super Bee when I know there is good parking and I will be able to see it from where ever I venture to outside of it....LOL...some people think my ways are crazy but I could care less what they think! at least my car does not sport nicks/door dings/etc...and nor does my cherry blossom pochette! lol

    maybe you need a "daily driver" handbag where you do not need to worry so much...
  5. i'm just as anal/ocd as you are, but after a while it stops bothering and besides, your vachetta will eventually turn honey and i found out my old one when it had honeyed enough-- it doesn't stain anymore O_O. (i wonder if that says something about my hand oils $_$).
  6. When I recieved my first LV as a gift from my mom (a brown canvas Antigua) she SPECIFICALLY told me:

    "Don't baby it, and carry it as if it's a luxury item. I want you to use it daily, but don't baby it!"

    She kept on saying that, but for the first 2 weeks I was AFRAID of ANYTHING coming near my bag! I was a sad sad obsessive complusive person just like you. Until one day I realized...Seriously Rena...It's just a BAG!

    My Antigua will be 3 this year, and it's still strong. :smile:
    It's stained here and there but I clean it once and a while and it still looks great!
    Now I appriciate this bag more and more because of its quality: you know it's worth the bucks when it can be thrown around and still hold up.

    Viva LV!
    (I still love you my baby Antigua! :heart:)
  7. i dont baby my bags. they're only bags..... that said, i dont throw my bag around. if something happens to it, not much i can do. maybe its karma?? jk. haha
  8. I don't baby my bags, I just don't put them on the floor. I only get tense when I use my Vernis bags and I am so afraid of color transfer, it has not happened to any of my Vernis but I rather be save than sorry.
  9. Don't baby mine either. My Keepall 60 and Speedy 40 and Reporter PM have developed a really nice patina which I LVOE!!! Please enjoy your bags and before you know it, they will age beautifully.
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    Alot of my bags are LTD ED. so I baby them only with the knowledge that it would be VERY VERY hard to replace them, but things like my neverfull or Vernis stuff anything that part of the regular line. I hate to say it, but I pretty much throw it all around because I could buy it again or have it repaired if something happened to it, but if the canvas on my Monoflage keepall ripped or something lets say, I don't know if LV would be able to fix that so I tend to be more careful with those.

    EDIT: My BIGGEST pet peeve though is the silk-screening on many LT. ED products, because it is quite easy to scratch/rub off and I just think over time they look uglier and uglier, for example my Groom Cles and Zippy look like CRUD now, so I had to purchase two new ones from ebay because I cannot stand to use the old ones anymore, I just tend to be VERY careful with those pieces (and graffiti is coming too now :Push:smile: because I am a sucker fo them so I can't so no to them when they are released.
  11. I'm also having this problem.. my bf thinks i'm crazy.. sometimes i even think i'm crazy.. i won't let anyone touch it.. i'm just soooo scared of the vachetta... ARGS! i need help :wacko:
  12. I baby my bags for the first week... then, it's war! LOL
    I'm starting to like patina, as it covers most of the water stains and my sweaty hands...
    Anyway, I don't like to obsess about the vachetta at least in public, I hate when people find out about my OCD ways... ;)
  13. I have found that the moment you calm down and begin to enjoy the bag, the less likely there will be a mishap, like a spill. At least with me, I found that when I'm nervous is when something always seems to happen! I do not sit my bags on the floor nor do I carry bags with vachetta in the rain; however, I am more comfortable now with simply everyday type carrying! The sooner and more often you enjoy the bag, the quicker a beautiful patina will develope and like the earlier poster stated, once you have a good patina, it really does become stain resistant!
  14. i think you have to remember it is still a bag and if your husband didnt do it intentionally, there's not reason to flip on him. i mean, if i was him, i would have been offended had my partner yelled at me for a complete accident. i am sure he realize ur collection is kinda sacred to you. hope you learn to enjoy your bags
  15. I tend to baby my bags, but after a while, I realised that there's no point being too paranoid, and little imperfections will occur, no matter how careful I am. So I'm less obsessed now :P but I'm still very, very careful with vachetta, cleaning it with baby wipes when it gets dirty, and yes, I love sparkling hardwares so I clean with the brass polish (for locks) and polish clothes (for zipper, zipper pull, attachment rings, buttons, plate etc etc) every now and then.