Does anyone know where gucci bags are made??

  1. Update, headline news today in Drudge Report says:
    Gucci workers 'tortured' during shifts

    Employees of luxury goods manufacturer Gucci were subject to "torture", being made to stand for 14 hours a day, pay for goods stolen by customers and being forced to ask for toilet breaks.

    States location as Shenzhen, China. Goods can be manufactured in China wiwthout it having a made in China sticker and lots of luxury goods are.
  2. Then why does the Druge Report on this date 10-15-11 state that Gucci Manufacturer in Shenzhen China is accused of torturing employees making then stand 14 hours a day. Big business is just that, after the allmighty dollar, cutting costs where they can. Gucci can still supply the italian leather or the material but assembling in China is what is happening now. Who cares where manufactured, it's the end product we all buy. A corporation has the right to run their business any way they see fit, and we all have a choice to buy or not.
  3. ^You read it wrong. The article says it's the Gucci outlet that the workers/SA's are made to stand for 14 hours without break time. It's not the assembly plant that makes the handbags - it's the outlet store that the article is talking about.:rolleyes:

    From the article:
    Their assembly plants are still located in Italy.
  4. my gucci bag says made in italy on the leather parts, but the tag that was attached to it said made in france. that kind of threw me off. is it real or fake?
  5. Did you purchase it at the boutique? If you did, then the chances are that it's authentic. If not, chances are it's fake. I've never seen a gucci bag with two different tags of origin attached.
  6. ^^Ghst - You really think so? I didn't think anything Gucci was made in France! I thought exclusively Italy; most especially shoes and bags. Seems odd to me!
  7. That article is from 2007 and at that time some canvas and nylon bags from Prada and Gucci as well as many types of bags from Burberry, Celine etc were being made in China. Public opinion of this practice (and rising costs in China/other developing countries too) negated of the 'benefits' and many companies have brought all bag manufacture back to Europe. The only bags that I sometimes have my doubt about are the made- for-outlet-bags but then I have never seen these up -close (they are not available from reg stores).

    It is not us that are naive it is that you are er, slightly out of date :biggrin:

    Gucci operates a 3 tier system with the exotic bags being made only by certain Gucci trained artisans (the skins are too expensive to make mistakes with) the same artisans do the hand finishing on premium reg leather bags. Then the mid-price bags that are part of regular collections (also share space with other Gucci Group stalemates such as AMcQ and Bal) and then the made for outlet bags that basically are made to use up extra material and keep a reliable supply of stock to the Gucci outlets.
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    I just saw the reply to my post, sorry. In 2010, I purchased a new Gucci crystal wallet and couldn't find any tags indicating where it was made (including the card inserts), which made me suspicious and got me searching on the web. You didn't cite a source as to where/when companies moved their production back to Europe. It seems the overall trend is still moving toward cutting corners and costs, and I'm still skeptical that they aren't going to China or elsewhere for labor.

    Something from 2010:


    2011 (Wall Street Journal)

    BTW, I would be happier if they were doing their production in europe as it would make me feel better spending $$ on bags!!! I just bought my first Chanel.
  9. 1. Is about Hermes

    2. Is about someone who worked for a Chinese manufacturer of a product used on leather

    3. Is about Prada and Burberry

    :shrugs: :confused1:

    Congratulations on you Chanel
  10. I was responding to this part of your post:
    So it sounded like you weren't just talking about Gucci but Prada and other luxury houses.

    Did you find a reference for Gucci returning production to Europe?
  11. All of my items have said made in Italy this far...
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    That's right but is thread is about Gucci. I did find some written stuff about Gucci, it was also written in Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster (sic) about the whole Gucci operation and that they cut their leathers by laser etc, maybe I posted it on this thread. Gucci factories also make for some of their Gucci Group 'buddies' too like AMcQ.

    I haven't bought any Prada bags or RTW for years (I have bought the odd pair of shoes though) and haven't followed their business practices either. I don't think Muccia Prada thought anyone cared where things were made so long as they were her designs but I remember buying a pair of Miu Miu shoes years ago and was dumb-founded they were made in China. People do care. When people buy from a traditional Italian (or French) luxury leather goods maurfacturer they do not expect their products to be made in China, Cambodia or Turkmenistan or wherever.
  13. I found that some Gucci glasses are made in China or PRC! :nogood:
  14. Italy for sure ..