Does anyone know where gucci bags are made??

  1. Please dont tell me CHina?!
  2. Italy, all authentic bags are made in Italy. The only exception I believe are Chanel bags which are made in France.

    You didn't buy anything with a made in China label on it did you...? Oh I hope not, it's definitely fake if you did....
  3. Yep, Gucci's are made in Italy
  4. Definitely Italy!
  5. no no hehe I was just curious ...I bought mine in store but I was just wondering cause I remember someone posting about certain bags were made in china so they didn't understand why we pay so much....I think it was in one of those rant threads......I was just worried cause i didn't want anything i paid over 100 heck a 1000 to be made in china
  6. Ahh, the uneducated consumer - gotta love 'em....
  7. sorry that's not true...the new mulberry bags are "assembled" in china and turkey. Probably more bags than we know.
  8. omg. u know what! i have a coach signature keyfob keychain....and it has the leather tag attached to it that says " made in china" in which I BOUGHT FROM Neimans!!! my friend tried to call it a fake but i know Neimans wouldnt sell any fakes!....i was sorta of dissapointed though to notice that...
  9. so why am i know that is authertic or not ?
  10. coach indeed is now made in china but according to them they impose the same strict quality control.. still i think their prices have steadily increased despite the fact that they moved factories...
  11. My gucci bag says made in Italy.
    But my dooney bags say "made in china" or "made in mexico."
  12. All of my Guccis say Made in Italy as well.....
  13. I've heard that in China, they have a big black market for all the big labels...and they're hard to even get through customs. You don't get them in mainstream China but somewhere in the country area. I've heard they're real too.. .but i've never seen any of them IRL so maybe they'll all just fakes (but it doesn't make sense why they're hard to get through customs)
  14. Mine says Italy!
  15. every single one of my old and new Gucci bags are all made in italy. the only authentic branded bag that i know off that have some designs made in China is Coach like the small bags, pins, keychain, wallets. but the leather bags are made in USA, at least for the ones i have.