Does a Birkin have two kinds of lining inside?

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  1. By the way, white Hermes bags are only cleaned in Paris.
  2. #32 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    maddox, I'm so glad that our dear tpfers came to the rescue once again! I love the people here and I'm so glad that your mind can be set at rest.

    This is a great example of why only the craftsman are qualified to authenticate bags. Although the inconvenience in this situation to maddox is unfortunate, I am pleased to see that the SA here is doing his/her job by at least doing some work and checking... honestly some SAs won't even care and will give you a huge bombshell a few months later if Paris destroys the bag if it is found to be fake.

    The product training only comes in place when they need to sell the goods. They were not trained to be craftsman so I will not expect them to know such deep details. I expect them to know the name of the bag, the colour, the size, and what other specs it comes in, you know... things like that.

    My SA told me that they had a customer whose bag everyone thought it authentic, even the craftsman, but when it was sent for some repairs and taken apart inside then the craftsman realised it is fake. Food for thought. Can't blame them for being cautious.
  3. LS, Thank you for taking the time to comment :tup: However, though I agree with most things you said, I do find it bothersome that they refused to even consider taking the bag in for a spa. Like you said, if they are untrained to be able to tell whether a bag is fake or not, they should at least take the bag in to send to Paris to have it checked. Its almost like a no win situation for me and its almost like I'm being punished because I did not purchase the bag from them. My SA is truly a graceful woman who is kind and sweet as well helpful when it comes to matters of sales and bag/items. But if they are given instructions from Paris to be able to guess on certain bags that are brought in/forward to be "authenticated" or brought in to be sent to spa on whether they are fake or not, doesnt help the cause or the situation. It is a tricky one, but she even went on to tell me that "If this were to happen at LV, they will burn your bag and take it from you in front of everyone". I just find it to be a little unfair given the fact that they are NOT TRAINED and do not have the knowledge of a true H craftsman.

    So I am adamant that I send this bag into BH to Manuela to get it 100% authenticated and if in the event that it really isn't, then I will send it back to seller. Its really at the end of the day just a tote lol, one which we spend hours and hours over in deciding color, leather, size.. etc. The least they can do is to provide us with a service to know if we actually have a genuine on our hands... don't think we are asking for much at all... we are afterall giving them business and promoting their brand.. ayyayay... just what I think anyways..
  4. OIC maddox, I misunderstood your post, I thought the SA was the one who asked you to send it to the craftsman. Yes, I agree they should not penalise the customer when they are not qualified to authenticate. I'm glad you are able to send this bag to your craftsman in the end. Do take the receipt and show your SA that you are not carrying a fake when it comes back from Manuela. That'll show em!
  5. Wow this is horrible. If it is really authentic you should write to Hermes Paris and the local HQ of Hermes with a stiff complaint.

    I had a similar issue once. Bought a Prada bag from Milan, had some trouble with the zipper, brought it to Prada Kuala Lumpur to have it looked at.

    The manager... her name is GAIL I still remember her lol... loudly exclaimed i bought a fake!

    I gave the bag away to charity and never used a prada to this day. My philosophy is if the staff cant tell the difference between a real and a fake I'm better off carrying a fake/not carrying one at all. (well of course the latter).

    Hope you get this resolved maddox, do let us know!
  6. I feel sorry for you. I had similar experience with my JPG birkin in white as well. When I took it in.. they were look at me like ( u r carring a fake! ) and i would like to send my bag for spa and i got a reply like.. we need to review your bag as we have a few concern.

    And after a few days. it turns out to be authentic of course but I feel really bad!
  7. LS, I am having to send it into Manuela at BH on my OWN! lol.... the local boutique where I am at refuses to take the bag in for spa but insists that I get it checked to be sure it isn't a fake. Doesn't make any sense does it?! Haha... Honestly, she couldve just taken the bag in and have it sent to Paris and if it is a fake, its a fake. That IS the whole point I am wanting to send it in for spa anyways.. thank god for a dear friend who sees Manuela on an almost weekly basis that I can ship it to him for him to take it in to her....

    Thank you all for your support and concern. I will be sure to keep you guys posted :yes:
  8. the local boutique where I am at refuses to take the bag in for spa but insists that I get it checked to be sure it isn't a fake...

    That ignorant fool has no right to insist on anything. Blankety-blank them!
  9. so i managed to check mine.
    the inside of the zipper pocket is indeed stitched with 2 different leatherS.. funny i never noticed myself. but not the same as yours. the top part is the smoother leather. the other side of the inside of the zipper pocket is what seems to be chevre? or something else super smooth.

    the other pocket however does not have an extra piece of leather stitched onto the top part. its just pebbled (small so it might be epsom) and side towards the clasp is what seems to be chevre again.. like the rest of the lining of the bag.

    my birkin is G stamped (i think i bought it in 2004) and was bought direct from Hermes
    it is a clemence taurillon

    hope all this helps!!

    OH and BTW mine was actually sent in for a SPA and they didnt seem to have an issue with it :smile:
  10. This is my favorite part of Maddox's story. The SA said, "If this were to happen at LV, they will burn your bag and take it from you in front of everyone".

    In fact, this happened to my mother when she brought in an old LV bag that was given to her by a friend. She wanted to have it repaired. The SA took the bag from her and examined it for a few minutes. She gave it back to my mother and said, "This is not one of our bags". I noticed that she carefully never said fake or counterfeit or anything untoward. She was very polite and realized that my mother had no idea. The very thought of someone confiscating a fake like that is preposterous. This SA needs to learn some basic etiquette.

    There was no need for her to make you feel awkward, regardless of her suspicions regarding your bag. She is in no position to treat a client in this manner.
  11. take it from you in front of everyone Think about it: Seizing something from a private citizen and refusing to give it back? In America? With all of our lawyers, due process, the Constitition etc... Me thinks this is urban legend.
  12. Hi Maddox! I know this might come in a bit late but I've been surfing around for a thread like this as I have the exact same Birkin as yours, white clemence with two different lining!

    It never occurred to me that was a problem, until my local store refused it for a spa, truly shocking and rather embarrassing for me. I'm wondering if you managed to send it for a spa in the end?