Does a Birkin have two kinds of lining inside?

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  1. True, this is a JCrew 24/7 crowd. They should supply the little girls with clothing for all the free publicity they received. The girls were so adorable!
  2. gracekelly, thanks so much for that piece of info! The reason I keep worrying is because everytime I walk into my local boutique with this bag, my SA keeps telling me to get it checked because she is convinced its not the real deal.. she has also refused to take it in for spa to send to Paris! So from an owner and buyers point of view, this is most difficult to digest as knowing I spent so much on a bag but not knowign if its authentic is killing me... but mrssparkles has been so generous with her time and efforts by contacting whitebirkin and I feel relieved now knowing that the white bags are lined with epsom and lambskin...

    Thank you all for your support and concern!
  3. So glad it is good news Maddox, you can relax and enjoy your bag now. Big hugs to you :hugs:
  4. :tup:So haPpPpPy to know that you have a "HAPPY ENDING"!! :drinkup:
    Enjoy and fall in love with your "Snow White""!!:heart::sunshine:
  5. Maddox, this is a very sad example of the poor education that the SA are receiving. The fact of the matter is that most of the people who read tPF Hermes thread know more than the average SA regarding the different types of leathers and when they were in use. Your bag is authentic. You say you bought it from a known reseller. If you would like to pm me with the name, feel free.

    I think it is horrible that you should have doubts that are preventing you from truly enjoying a beautiful bag. I feel that someone had their thinking caps on when the decision was made to put epsom inside the bag. Epsom is sturdier than agneau and can hold up to the handling that a pocket receives. White bags are not that common and the SA probably had never seen one before.
  6. Well, this is exactly what I think. SA are generally not trained enough and that is a pitty.

    Do not worry Maddox I am SURE your Birkin is authentic. It is really good that you posted those pics, so we have them for further reference.

    I have seen so many differences of craftmanship on Kellys bags from the 50's to current ones... One cannot imagine how much the tiny details have evolved with time.... It take a lot of experience and a lot of bags to get a good knowledge ... (not to mention a sharp eye when it comes to pictures.... )

    Maddox, don't let that SA's ignorance take anything from your enjyoing your Birkin !!!
  7. Thank you Pearlerare! Your support and concern means alot and says alot about how wonderful you lot are on this forum! I am glad to see such a great support system among us all, be it buyers, sellers and even the ones just passing by to learn a thing or two. I thank you all who have spent the time to read and put your two cents worth forward on this thread as it may be a tool for someone else in the future. Cheers and thanks to all!:flowers:
  8. If you do feel the need to send it for a cleaning, contact the BH or NY stores to send directly to their in-house craftsman. :yes:
  9. I just wanted to say I had purchased a vintage H clutch & initially my SA had doubts so they sent it to Paris.It was missing the marks on the inside.I waited til it came back & it was indeed authentic.I'm grateful they did that,I didn't think they can do that for us & again relieved. But I don't understand why they won't send it to Paris for you so they can decide there since clearly this SA is inexperienced & therefore this treatment is so unfair to you.I feel for you,can anyone clarify out there?Was I lucky then that they helped me out this way,I wish someone would for you since you do want it sent to the spa eventually,maybe speak to higher management.In the meantime do enjoy your bag & thank goodness for TPF & people like gracekelly to help us out!
  10. Unlike 10 years ago, current H SAs are more knowledgable in agressive selling techniques rather than the expertise on H products, time has changed...........:sweatdrop:
  11. So true Ken, I sometimes think the newbies are like used car salesman and will do/say anything to make the sale:crybaby: It comes down to having someone you know and trust help you.
  12. Maddox, I am so happy for you! Enjoy your Birkin. :hugs:
  13. Totally agree!

    Glad that the members of tPF could help with your bag. We have such wonderful, knowledgeable members here!! Yeah us!
  14. I find this lack of knowledge very disturbing. I think Hermes should do something special for you. For a salesperson to cast doubts on a bag that cost you several thousand dollars is outrageous. This is a serious disservice to you and caused much stress.

    You should follow up with management and use this thread in your complaint.

    I'm so glad it worked out. And shame on Hermes!
  15. We love happy endings!:party: