Does a Birkin have two kinds of lining inside?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am back with a new concern regarding the white birkin. Was at my local H boutique when my SA(who is assistant manager btw) asked to look at my bag at a closer inspection. First of all she said that all birkins should be lined with chevre to which I explained to her what I found out on a thread I started on the forum about a week ago(White birkins were lined with agneau/lambskin up until 2007). But then she pointed out that the pockets of my bag are not all lambskin and that it is mixed with that looks to be epsom or courchevel. When she asked a co-worker who has worked at the boutique for 10 years, the c/w told her that there has never been a birkin with two kinds of lining! So now I am back to square one and am really dumbfounded by this. I bought this off a reseller who has a track record with members of this forum and now really dissapointed to learn this.

    I have to send her out to Manuela because my SA refuses to take the bag in for a spa because according to her, when they see inaccuracies with the bag they can refuse to take it in, apparently instructions from Paris.

    So here I am attaching photos of the inside lining of the pockets. The first two being the ones with the zipper and you can see that the side that is the inside side of the bag is lambskin(the same as rest of the bag, but the part facing it is epsom or courchevel) The other two photos are of the other pocket and as you can see, its lambskin then turned over onto the epsom to be stitched down. Oh gosh, my explanation is so bad but I am so anxious and worried right now that I can't think straight. And I also attached one photo of the pocket to show it is lambskin on the outside but is in fact epsom or courchevel on the back of it.

    Please if you guys have any white birkins to reference/cross check, I would greatly appreciate it! TIA! very much so...

  2. I'm going to see if ms whitebirkin is around to assist you with your query, Maddox.
  3. I really hope it will work out ok!
  4. From whow did you buy this bag again? This epsom strip bothers me too, now we have to check every square 1/16 inch of any H bags we buy

    Hope everything will turn out all right, keep your fingers crossed:angel:
  5. Thanks so much for the support guys! :sad::sweatdrop:

    KenDoll,you are right... we truly do have to strip every pre-owned bag we buy now.. I wouldn't have noticed this had my lovely SA not point this little detail out to me.
  6. I think you better brace yourself for the news that your bag is not Hermes.
    Perhaps the seller will give you your money back if Hermes informs you that it is not an Hermes product? Maybe the seller doesn't know it might not be authentic, so they may be happy to give you back your money to save their reputation?
  7. What a shock! I'm so sorry for you. If you have any suspicions about authenticity, maybe you should post more pics?
  8. Maddox, stop worrying!!! I have a 30cm white clemence and toile "H" Birkin and the lining is agneau and epsom. It has always puzzled me why they did this. The epsom is much better for pocket material as it holds the shape much better.

    Enjoy the bag.
  9. ^^ So great to hear from you, gracekelly! I did manage to hear from whitebirkin and her take on these pictures were good too.
  10. ^^Hi Mrs. S! I was busy authenticating the bags at the Inauguration. :smile:
  11. gracekelly, did you spot Birkins at the inauguration? I did not see one! Do tell...
  12. Glad to hear that it is ok Maddox!!:tup:

  13. Only the Hollywood movie crowd.
  14. What a relief, maddox!
  15. As I was watching inauguration stuff on TV, I was thinking that women would leave Hermes at home because of the economy. Remembering how Martha Stewart was reviled for carrying her beautiful bag to trial.

    I'd be unhappy if I couldn't carry Hermes for 4 years!