Do you wear your luxury watch every day?

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  1. That's probably a waste of time and money. You don't know what the quality is of whatever you would be putting into a cheaper watch from an aftermarket supplier.

    I've owned and worn Rolex, Vacherons, Cartiers, Audemars Piguets, and the sapphire synthetic crystals have all held up extremely well. In fact, I've never had to replace the crystals in any of them. I wear them all the time. I only take them off if I'm doing projects around the house or something at the gym where I'm concerned it could get knocked against something really hard. Over 20 years ownership of some nice watches, and never seriously damaged any of them.

    That is not to say that they can't be chipped or cracked if you whack it against something really hard. My sister chipped the edges of the sapphire synthetic crystal on her Rolex Datejust, as she was pretty careless about what she was doing or what it might come in contact with.

    I know some people are concerned about scratching bracelets, but there is no way to avoid that unless you wear long sleeves all the time to cover the watch, and even then if it pops out from under your sleeve and rubs against a desk in can leave marks.

    Just get the watch you want and enjoy it.
  2. It depends on where you get the crystal, but it's more of a hassle than it's worth. Sapphire is extremely scratch resistant, but it's still a crystalline material so it can easily chip. The only thing you might get out of swapping out a regular crystal for a sapphire one is being able to read the time more easily in bright light. Sapphire crystals are almost certain to have anti-glare coating, which you can get in a regular crystal at a slightly higher price.
  3. yep, i wear mine every day. i'm rough on my rolex watch but easy on my cartier and patek.
    the rolex holds up really well and in my opinion best value among the luxury watches.
  4. Yes!! I change mine between a Rolex and a Cartier depending on my other jewelry but I never take it off. Watches are made to be worn!
  5. I have a yellow gold Rolex that I was told by the SA not to be afraid to wear it doing anything. It was built to be durable. It's been underwater, filthed up in the garden (I scrub and wash it with a toothbrush and toothpaste), and in dish water when I scrub pots and pans. It's eight years old and works perfectly. I baby my handbags and everything else I have, so I was at first hesitant to wear the watch but remembered what the SA said. Rolexes are built to go through a war.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1405391276.739852.jpg
    I've worn this watch 10 years or more everyday. It was reconditioned and bezel added at some point. I was told not to wear it in water due to it being reconditioned. It has been in water many times. I don't always remember to remove it.

  7. I wear my Tag Link just about every day and I have never scratched the crystal, the bezel is pretty scratched up though, but I don't really mind.
  8. Yes and no, all depends on the watch brand. Jaeger LeCoulter whose watches I adore are not sturdy enough with lots of expensive repair bills over the years. However my Breitlings stand up to everything you throw at them.
  9. That is gorgeous! I don't wear my watches into water unless they're specifically marked as a diver watch. With a Rolex, the movement is probably going to be as safe as you can get. Hope your luck holds up for your watery adventures :P
  10. Thank you so much. Thank goodness it's not been in the water much.....but sometimes...I just forget. :smile:
  11. I wear my Rolex everyday - cost per wear :P
  12. Ugh I just made my first noticible scratch on my bracelet-- I know its inevitable but man is the first scratch the hardest!
  13. I have a Tag Heuer watch that i got for my 18th Birthday, i wear mine everyday as it's small and dainty. Why have it if you can't wear it? Enjoy it :smile:
  14. I feel your pain ;) The next one won't be so bad. Enjoy it!
  15. Hi all Rolex owners. I thinking of buying a rolex oysters vintage about 2o years old. Does the rolex need to be serviced every 5 years.
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