Do you wear your luxury watch every day?

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  1. I am of the mind set that a watch is a functional piece of jewelry - and I wear lots of jewelry every day. Hehe

    I also feel naked without a watch. I wear one every day - be it my Rolex Datejust in YG/SS with diamond bezel, my LV Tambour Lovely Cup White with Diamond markers, LV Emprise watch with diamond bezel & black crocodile band, antique Rose Gold watch with diamond bezel, my Mom's vintage White Gold Hamilton diamond bracelet watch, LV Pink Tambour with Monograms with Diamonds, or my Diamond Bulova watch with a MOP dial and diamond band (really a bracelet watch because the band is as elegant as the watch).

    I would never put my jewelry in a safe and not wear it. I learned this from my dear dear Mother. She wore her Gold Rolex with diamond bezel 24/7 until the day she passed. She always said, "Life is Too Short to not wear the things you have and enjoy".

    I've followed this advice my entire life and hope you will too! :happydance:
  2. I wear my Rolex ladies datejust with diamond bezel and diamond dial everyday. My cousin wears her Cartier Tank everyday as well, (she's currently in Cancun and even in the water I spied her watch on her wrist). My family believes in enjoying the fruits of our labor, you should too!
  3. I know I did not pay to fill my safe! My watch will be used (Cartier bb 28) everyday unless it's in a bad area or when I get a new one which I am not planning on for a very long time. I hated not wearing a watch for a year. It's functional and I don't like relying on my phone.

    One day I'll grab a small Michael kors in rose gold for times that a nice watch isn't necessary. Wear what you love just be mindful when wearing it.
  4. i don't have what i'd call a "luxury" watch, i have a couple of Michele watches that i switch out. i always wear a watch, it drives me crazy not to know what time it is. that being said, my advice is: wear your lovely timepiece and enjoy it. it does you no good and gives you no pleasure just laying in a box somewhere.
  5. I can't imagine splurging on a luxury watch and then not wearing it. I don't have an extreme high end watch, but a new Ebel One with diamond bezel which I love and never leave home without.
  6. wear my Tank solo almost everyday but occasionally rotate it with my ladies datejust in YG. Probably next year I'd like to add an H hour to my watch collection and will wear it often...
  7. Question for you ladies who wear your watches the most wear and tear only on the band? I have a bad track record and have scratched the crystal face of seikos, a tag, ebel, and bulova. Would love to get a nicer watch but afraid of what might happen. The ebel and tag faces were marred in a week apiece! I don't know what I do to these...they come off for sports/gym/dishes... is it just a quality thing and I should be safe with a nicer watch? Thinking of a Cartier tank (small)
  8. I was told the sapphire crystals don't scratch easily, so maybe a nicer watch would wear better. I replaced the crystal on my older Gucci watch, which was scratched, with a sapphire crystal and no scratches yet.
  9. Thanks! Do you think its worth switching out the face to a sapphire crystal in a cheaper watch to see if it wears well? Or is that a tough/ expensive thing to do...
  10. I wear my J-12s all the time. They were meant to be worn. I also have a couple of Franck Mullers that I wear too.

    My dress watches don't get much wear because they are quite formal.

    My philosophy on jewelry is to get the best you can afford and wear it.
  11. I would just save for a nicer watch. I ended up scratching my Michele and it devestated me... I can't report on Cartier sapphire crystal as it's only been a month or so but don't bother replacing and spending all that money, I would save and then go look at estate fine watches
  12. Of course! Luxury watches are tough - and they're made to be worn. Both my Rolex and Breitling have gone off for service and come back all polished and looking brand new, so there's no sense in not using them.
  13. No, I switch between my Pearlmaster, my Oyster and a couple of Swatches. Funnily enough, the Swatches get the compliments - perhaps people think my real watches are fakes as I also wear €50 watches!
  14. I wear my watch most of the year but avoid hot days during the Summer since I don't want to damage the delicate alligator band. I also only wear my watch with long sleeves so that it is protected. I haven't gotten any scratches yet and I've had it a couple of years (fingers crossed).
  15. I cycle between my Cartier BB and a couple of cheaper watches (SS Seiko and RG chunky MBMJ). Funnily enough, I get as many compliments about the MBMJ as I do with the BB!