Do you wear your luxury watch every day?

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  1. I've just received my Cartier Ballon Bleu TT, small, and it is SO pretty, so much prettier than I'd expected :biggrin: and now I'm having second thoughts about wearing it every day... I thought I would, but it's so smooth and perfect... I took a good look at my trusty Seiko, which I've had on every day, and it is pretty scratched up, even though I'm not a construction worker or anything. I do have two small boys. What do you all think?

    If you do wear your luxury watch every day, how does it hold up?
  2. Wear's impossible to keep something pristine forever. Won't you enjoy it on your wrist much more than in a box? :smile:
  3. Absolutely. I worked hard to earn my Rolex and wear it daily with pride.

  4. Does it stay nice? Are you hard on it? I don't mean to be, but then I forget, and wind up being hard on my things...
  5. I wear my Tank everyday and it looks fine. I have learned to wear my beautiful items instead of just keeping them hidden in my closet. Wear it and enjoy it.
  6. Wear mine every day, I would feel lost without it
  7. I would LOVE to see a modeling pic!

    I would also wear it everyday. I personally wouldn't wear it in the house doing everyday kind of cleaning and such, but I don't like to wear any watches in the house.
  8. Yes! It's nice.

    I don't know what you mean by being "hard on it", I consider it normal everyday wear, but I don't go out of my way to bang it against the wall, desk, etc. The sapphire crystal doesn't scratch, if anything, it's the bracelet which shows the most wear and tear, but to me, it only adds to the beauty of wearing it.

    Jewellery should be worn and enjoyed. Otherwise, what's the point?
  9. I am not sure if my watch is a luxury watch, but it's the Longines Belle Arti with about 2 carats of diamonds on it. I wear it every day (everyone compliments on how nice looks with my e-ring!) Sometimes I wonder if it's too much for everyday wear because it's so blingy, but then I look at it and think how pretty it looks and then I stop caring haha.
  10. kohl - Can we see a pic of your watch?

    I'm sad to say that I don't wear my luxury watches everyday. I wear them more often in nice weather. Isn't that silly?
  11. i have a diamond ESQ i wore every day fro awhile and it got pretty scratched up but i suppose that is just a patina.

    i also now have a teslar my mom gave me. that has quite a few scratches on it so i dont worry so much

    lately i mostly wear bracelets though and dont wear a watch daily anymore
  12. I wear a watch everyday which means either my Rolex, Cartier Tank F or Cartier Roadster. However, I just got the Phillip Stein yellow gold watch and am pretty sure I'll be wearing this everyday for a while. I love it!
  13. dup
  14. Of course! I posted it in the watch reference thread, but here it is (this pic really doesn't do the watch justice! It sparkles like crazy):


    It's a very dainty and small but elegant looking watch. It has a white MoP face with 1.98 carats of top wesselton VVS clarity diamonds. It was a gift from my parents as a graduation present.
  15. Agree with this! The point of buying beautiful things is to enjoy them :biggrin:!