Do you wear your luxury watch every day?

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  1. That's the average amount of time to service any automatic or manual watch. More often if you wear it a lot.
  2. Unless its a special vintage model you are searching for, like a 16520 Daytona, I'd try to buy one that is considerably newer (the last 5-8 years). The bracelets on the older Rolex Datejust/Oystersl watches just are not as solid/sturdy or nice as they are today. The center links on the old ones are hollow and tend to be far more prone to "Stretch," especially on Jubilee bracelets. The new ones all use solid center links so that is less likely to be an issue.

    As for service, unless you know when it was last serviced (and your have paperwork indicating when it was serviced), it could be in need of a service right now.

    You don't necessarily have to service the watch every 5 years. Some people say unless the watch is not keeping time accurately wait until it needs it or about 7 years (but 5 years is about average). I've had some Rolex's start losing time in 5 years so in they went for service, I've had a few go much longer and none needed anything replaced other than gaskets. However, if you plan to wear it in water or to go swimming you need to have it pressure tested at least every 18 months or so (which isn't very expensive at all). There are rubber gaskets inside the watch that keep it water resistant. Over time they can degrade or crack etc. If you don't have it pressure tested regularly before use in the ocean or pools, water can get in and completely ruin the watch. Pressure testing a watch every 18 months or so, is necessary on all watches that one intends to wear swimming, not just Rolex.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much for the advice.
  4. Thank you so much. Really appreciate the advice.
  5. Do you have a pic of your phillip stein?!?!? I've never seen one in yellow gold!:biggrin:

  6. Here's mine - just in case you are still curious. Apparently it's a men's watch which I learned from my NM shoe SA - he has the same one. I love men's watches.

  7. I wear my mini omega constellation most days but I wear my PS as shown above for fun. I also have a fruitz for sleeping (I'm a big PS believer). I have a tag for sporty days. And I randomly wear the Rolex I bought DH when I feeling particularly sassy. I love men's watches - he wants to get me my own, but why bother.

  8. Love it thanks for sharing! Lol, didn't realize the thread was so old before!!