Do You Prefer Size 30 or 35 Birkin?

  1. The 40 is very big! It is good for over night.I have put 2 pairs of shoes 2 pants and 4 tops plus make-up bag .I am 5'10" with out shoes.
  2. 30 for me.
  3. I carry the 35cm as my everyday bag and I love it. Sometimes it gets a little heavy but I carry a lot of stuff and couldn't have a smaller bag.
  4. [​IMG]
    Do you know if the one she's carrying is a 35??
  5. Tks ASA for your suggestion...the problem is I can only get my hands on a 30 and 35 and not a I am not sure if the 40 is going to be huge on me.. I think to be safe, i will stick with a 35 as I worry the bigger the bag, the more I put and my shoulder can't handle...I am alreay getting back pain!!
  6. I always thought that a 35 would be too big, and I was a 30 girl.

    I was mistaken -- I love 35s for work. It fits everything without being too big
  7. Kate's is a 35, and, believe it or not, it's Box calf, which goes to show how it softens over time!
  8. Tks Duna...the bag looks sooo soft..
  9. Wow, a box calf, really?? Do you think this will happen to a 30cm too?
  10. Nana1025--true, 40 is heavy, esp in clemence. upsideis it makes my 35 seem light as a feather! I still vote for 35 for you. Good luck!
  11. asa: You rock that 40 Birkin very very well! :jammin:
  12. I like both 30 and 35. I tend to wear 35 with jeans and more casual clothing. For more formal occasions, or when I wear a dress, I usually carry the 30.
  13. I completely agree. Even her SA said so. I could tell he had this sense of pride seeing Asa carry it so well.
  14. I know I am going to sound nutty, I prefer the 30 and the 32. But lately, I have been thinking about the 35, just becos it's good to have a different size, kind of to have an all around collection :sweatdrop: (I am blaming on that fuschia ostrich 35 :heart:)
  15. If you use it and thrash it like Kate Moss does with hers, yes. My 30cm Choc Box is my throw-around, so it has already developed batwings. Give it a year or two, I think my Choc Box can lie flat on its side!