Do You Prefer Size 30 or 35 Birkin?


Mar 10, 2006
Do you prefer size 30 or 35 Birkins? I have a 30 Birkin but sometimes I wish it had more room. I have been trying to get a size 35 Birkin from Hermes for the past 2 weeks and it is exhausting going to the store everyday. When I was at Hermes the other day, I saw at least 5 shoppers in the store with size 30 Birkins. Seems like it is the preferred size for shopping, since 30 is the size of a normal handbag. Which size do you prefer? Describe your experience carrying the Birkin. Thanks.

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006
It depends on where I go or what I do. For work, I love my 35cm Birkin as it carries alot and documents fit beautifully. 30cm is kinda small for that..

I love wearing my 30cm when I want a more casual look, usually during weekends when I go shopping or in the evenings when I go out for a casual dinner.


Nov 28, 2005
As already mentioned it depends on the occasion. But I actually turned a 30 cm down and waited one more year for a 35cm. I felt the 30cm was really like a small handbag and I wanted a big tote that could fit all my stuff. I'm short but I dont think the 35 is overwhelming on me at all:P
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Addicted to H
Jan 15, 2006
I like the 35 better because I think it suits my size, but I try not to carry much in my purse so a 30 would be fine - perhaps even better. Sometimes I feel as if the 35 just screams "look at me - i'm rich and powerful" (even if it's not actually the case) and the 30 is more understated.
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The Red Queen
Feb 4, 2006
I like the 30cm for walking around/shopping etc. I find the 35cm is a bit too large for me. I carry business papers in a separate case and not everyday. For some reason, I tend to carry less in a bag than most girls. Don't know why except that I can leave quite a bit in my car and I don't like rooting around in a cavern for stuff:smile:
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