Do you bring more than one bag when

  1. you go away for a week? I'm considering carrying one and packing one but somehow that seems excessive - going to the west coast for a week -no gala events, just family stuff - does it make sense to bring an extra bag ??- I think it may be my perfectionist issue - always having the right bag with me. Feedback appreciated.:confused1:
  2. I always bring AT LEAST two, a bigger purse to use for day, and a small one to go out at night with. Definately not crazy! :biggrin:
  3. def. yes :P
    i can carry 2-3 bags...
  4. I always bring more than 1 bag. Sometimes my bags take up more room in my suitcase than my clothes!
  5. yes i bring a few smaller ones and one big one.
  6. I usually just take one larger one, like a tote, and one smaller one, like a pochette.
  7. 2. a daytime bag and one for evening when i am more "dressed" up.
  8. Yes, I bring at least 2.
  9. I always bring atleast two. One bigger one and always a smaller one for the evening. Oh, and I also pack a longchamp.....
  10. i'm with rose on this one. i bring one basic/day bag, a longchamps le pliage (in case it rains), and an evening bag (if i'm going to be anywhere that it's necessary). i really don't like to pack my nicer bags unless they're evening bags, because i always worry about smooshing them or something :s
  11. I'm going out of town for just 4 days, two of which will be flying cross country and I'm still going to take a larger shoulder bag and a smaller clutch for going out.
  12. Yep, always at least 2...sometimes more.
  13. i always at least bring 2 bags...1 for jeans and 1 for dress. :P
  14. Okay, now you've raised the interesting question - I always bring a Longchamps le pliage also - I have no evening plans which will require a small purse - I was thinking in terms of black (MJ capra satchel, which I won't pack) and LV Damier Alma - I'm thinking I'll crush my Alma in the suitcase unless I'm very careful - these are both spanking brand new bags and the ones I would like to have with me. I have other choices but these are my favorites and I don't want to crush any of them.
  15. Def more than 1! If you are afraid to smoosh the nice ones I stuff mine with socks and panties that are no problem for wrinkles this helps to maintain the structure of the purses during travel!