Do you bring more than one bag when

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  1. When driving, I take more bags. When flying, I won't put a good bag in a checked suitcase--I put it inside a carryon. To keep the shape, put soft things inside like teenpurseaholic^^^ said.
  2. When I travel I always bring more than one bag. Most times for a week trip it is more like four or five.:shame: I enjoy my handbags and like to change them often.:P
  3. On a trip, I'd bring more than 1 definitely.
  4. I agree, def more than one! Use the largest for traveling and pack the smaller ones in your luggage. It's good to have a choice if you're going out to different events and such... Even it's just family stuff, I always have a family member who wants to borrow a bag for fun.

  5. Me too. :yes: AT LEAST! :lol:
  6. i always bring more than one bag. i usually try to match them to what im wearing.
  7. I bring at least 4 and I carry one on the plane. Could not go away without my bags.
  8. I brought 3 just for an overnight trip, so, yes!
  9. I'll either match all of my clothes to the one bag I'm bringing (which is tough if its longer than a few days), or I'll bring 2 or 3 purses.