Do they make bags like this?

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  1. Today I went to check my mail and my mom sent me a gold anklet as a graduation gift! Then I headed down to the outlet to pick up a handbag she wanted, anyway, I ran into my most favorite SA in the world and then she showed me this little handle top bag and I was in shock! I couldn't believe that it was leather, anyway, she said she's seen someone with a handbag made with this stitched leather but we couldn't find it in any of the catalogs, so my question is, have any of you ladies seen a larger bag thats made of this leather? Can you imagine if they made a Carly out of that?!?!?


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  2. I've only seen these on Ebay but YES, there was an embossed line and they are gorgeous! They always go for big bucks when they come up.

    Here's one that is stunning.

  3. There are some wallets and stuff made out of that embossed leather. Its beautiful!
  4. I bought that because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was on the clearance rack and they only had one.
  5. the embossed line was from fall 05 I believe -- it came in blue and a rust color and red, maybe a tan and maybe another

    very pretty!
  6. is that like the ULTIMATE SIGNATURE BAG!?!
  7. YES!

    The blue one is reallllly pretty too, it's blue and black leather!
  8. Wow these bags are gorgeous !
  9. That line was sooooo pretty.......
  10. Those bags have made me ill. They are just tooooo pretty. I did buy that little thing at the top but I don't know exactly what it is or what to do with it. I mean is it a makeup bag or what.