Do they make bags like this?

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  1. Yeah, I'm a complete and total idiot. I bought that Hamptons book tote bag in the embossed leather in both black and brown from the outlet in San Marcos very early this year. I ended up returning the black one and keeping the red. Later, I decided I really wanted the ergo large vachetta tote and couldn't come up with the money, so I returned the red bag to the boutique, I just didn't think I would use it. They told me I was crazy for returning that bag, but I just felt it would be wrong to keep it if it wouldn't get any use. Now I regret taking it back.
  2. These bags and accesories were at the store just last fall. They defininately were gorgeous. They came in the hamptons tote, hamptons hobo and were made in camel, black with navy trim, and red. The accesories were wonderful as well. Hopefully they'll come out with something similar before too long.
  3. ^^ yeah, i think coach called them "perforated" ^^
  4. On the care cards in the two bags that I'd purchased, they weren't called perforated they were called "embossed leather".
  5. Is that picture you posted a little pouch/purse? I have one in that size, not the embossed leather, but the cotton canvas from last year i think, and I use it as a purse. I know it's small but it holds ALOT! I put a skinny mini, video ipod, keys, lip gloss, sunglasses, and cell phone in mine. You could use it as a cute little bag when you go out on the weekends...
  6. Yes it's a pouch, I think I will carry sometime this fall, I was just so shocked by it, I bought it on straight impulse. But thank you for the suggestion, since it's a purse I will definitely try to use it as such.
  7. this line came in not long ago. it even has the book tote. i love the mahogany .
  8. Love the embossed bags.
  9. Ooh, pretty! :drool:
  10. Just be careful of those fake black and brown embossed wallets that have been clogging up Ebay for a year now

    Fake on the left

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  11. Oh I bought that pouch at the Outlet in St. Augustine.