Do all vintage Gucci Bags have serial numbers?

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  1. I see you found the correct ATG thread and have received a response there.
  2. Hi Funbags,

    Did anyone ever get back to you about this?
    I also have a Gucci bag that looks great and I bought it from a vintage shop in NYC and they said it was real but there is no serial number in it just a gucci gold stamp inside on the leather.
    I would really appreciate you help.

  3. Hi there, In my experience, the older bags do not always have a number. There are some that have the 2 digits. Sometimes, they are in a hard to find spot, not near the makers mark. I have seen them on an inside pocket on the wall of it that is towards the inside of the bag (if that makes any sense). Sometimes, if the interior is fabric, they have been worn off completely and can't be seen as they aren't embossed into the fabric like it would be on the leather tag. Where even if the gold color had worn off you would see the impression. I would search everywhere and also post the bag on the authenticate this thread.
  4. hello,
    I bought a gucci bag from harrods in 2005 and it dosnt have a serial number. hope tha helps!
  5. most gucci have serial #
  6. bump

    I would really like to know this as well, cos I have 3 authentic Vintage Gucci's that do not have numbers but have the Gucci made in Italy Gold stamp on 2 are in lizard.
  7. I have a vintage Gucci bag, but no serial number, but quite sure it is authentic. Does anyone know where i can find out the year it was made and how much it is worth?
  8. I wonder if this is a knock off or a really old Prada ... does anybody know?

  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
  11. As you can see it is stamped on the front of the purse, it's the right info just not on a metal plate. this is the only place it says Prada, it has two inside zipper pockets, and the hardware you see on the outside pockets you simply push the button through the hole and it locks.
  12. I understand, but apparently I'm too new to post a new thread.
  13. you dont start a new thread for authentication. click on the link i provided in the previous post and post there.
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