Do all vintage Gucci Bags have serial numbers?

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  1. :biggrin:Hello Everyone!
    This is my very first post. I sell vintage bags on eBay...well, I sell many antique items on eBay but I have been selling more vintage designer handbags lately. I usually can tell a fake a mile a way. Every Vintage Gucci I have ever sold has had a serial number. However, today while at an estate sale, I purchased a vintage Gucci Bag. Everything in me says it is a real bag but for the life of me I can't find the serial number. It has all the Hardware & it looks really well made. It has a gucci gold stamp inside on the leather BUT I can't find a serial number.
    My question is this. Do ALL vintage Gucci bags have serial numbers, or are there ones that did not have serial numbers?
    Please help!
  2. hmmmmmmmmmm, i would imagine they would, but we'll let the experts reply :smile:
  3. :blink:Should I post a photo???would that help?
  4. oh, yes, absolutely, that way the gucci experts can take a peek!!!
  5. Here you go....I will also post a photo of the inside. Be truthful...I wont be offended.
  6. Here are 2 more photos
    guccibrown2.jpg guccibrown4.jpg
  7. It see your photo of the Gold Italy printed in the inside of your bag. My vintage Gucci I bought on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in the early 80's
    So I didn't see where anyone answered your question. Is that stamp preserial numbers on vintage Gucci Bags? Thanks
  8. Has anyone answered this question? I'm interested because, I too, have two Gucci bags believed to be authentic but they do not have serial numbers.
  9. I just a beautiful vintage Gucci tote shopper, everything about it looks authentic I have no reason to think otherwise, but no serial number, can anyone please help me with this dilemma, do all vintage Gucci bags have serial numbers?
  10. I would post this under "authnticate this gucci."
  11. I just looked through some of my Gucci bags - bags from the 50s through the mid 70s have 2 digit model numbers. Starting in the late 70s through 80s (the brass plaque era) they start to have serial numbers.
  12. I found a vintage Gucci Kelly with the #81 on the inside. Does anyone know how to track the numbers or are they year related?
  13. I bought a Gucci bag on eBay and I am now seeing that someone listed the same type of bag w/ the same serial number. It does not look like the same bag and the sellers are different. Also I noticed that the piping is not leather, so I want to know if the bag is real or fake.
    My questions are as follow:

    Can two or more vintage Gucci bag have the same serial number?
    Is the piping on the vintage Gucci bags sometimes not leather
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  14. Hi and welcome - yes, same style of bags have the same serial number, the fakes, too

    you could post in this thread

    Before posting there please to read carefully - the first post on page 1 in that thread - there you will see which clear, close and "straight on" pic and the correct format for your request - we need for helping you
  15. I have just won a bid on Ebay for my first gucci bag. I was so happy but am a little hesitant because it doesn't have a serial number. When I asked the seller she replied: "from my research this bag is from the late 60's early 70's (I am not an expert) it is from my grandmother's closet and was never used as far as I can tell. Anyway the early bags did not have serial #'s and this can be checked on the web."

    Can anyone authenticicate...please?

    Item Number:260641488909
    Seller ID:fortheloveofkids-2008

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