Do all vintage Gucci Bags have serial numbers?

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  1. Okay, thank you.
  2. It varies. Some models come with double digit numbers, others none at all. You can tell if your bag is authentic by the symmetry of the "GG" print if you have an all over print bag that is.
  3. Hello
    Good News!!!
    your bag is 100% authentic and in pretty good condition considering its age.

    All Gucci bags do NOT have serial numbers.

    The really old bags from the 60's or if bag was purchased directly in Italy will not have a serial number. It will have very fancy gold "Gucci stamp as yours. I have purchased at least 40 bags over the past 6 yrs that have the exact same stamp inside the bag and in the same location as yours.

    It will have Gucci monogram on other places on the hardware as well as all the accents will be 100% leather.

    You can also take your bag to a reputable Gucci dealer and they will look at it for free... b/c Gucci stands behind its label and they have repair service (check Gucci official website)

    I purchase, refurbish and resale hard to find Authentic Gucci items for exclusive customers.

    Additionally, I would go and purchase a fake bag (they have lots of them on i.offer) .... we wont call them fake... they are "replicas"
    You can compare to your authentic bag to that bag as a reference.

    I will quickly tell you that I love the Vintage Gucci bags like yours made of the original "Vinyl Gucci monogram" material...

    You can tell the difference several more ways than what I described above.
    1. Authentic Gucci Vintage Vinyl material the "G's" will face each other and the opposite "G" will be upside down.... the line in the "G" will be a straight line that follows completely thru not like the one here on this font... that looks like almost a number "6" (G) ... the Fake bags ...the line line in the G stops a lil short it is very subtle... lastly Fake bags will have manmade material as the trimmings.. and authentic will have genuine leather... as well as any bag from late 60's/ 70's will have authentication tag on the inside and the serial numbers will be stamped with very very fancy numbers always!! (pay attention to the details of serial numbers that have like "2,3,5,6,9's) they will be very fancy.... I hope this info put your mind to rest...
    your bag is 100% Authentic.... congrats onyour great find !!!
  4. I hope this isn't too far off the thread, but I just took a vintage purse to Gucci yesterday in Toronto and they said they don't authenticate. Perhaps I asked the wrong person.
  5. That's interesting that you should mention taking the bag to Gucci to authenticate. I did just that yesterday in Toronto, they said they would look at the bag, but it is their policy not to authenticate or comment. Perhaps I spoke to the wrong person!
  6. Hi, I'm new here but wanted to jump in and say - I managed a well known Luggage and leather goods (Gucci and LV) store in Boca Raton Florida for a number of years and there were no serial numbers on the bags into the late 1980's. Best bet if you are going to sell vintage is to get your hands on the old catalogs for photos.. the knock-offs were never exactly the same.. the hardware was always top quality and did not change colors - to the person that asked about the edge binding - they were leather - some had a hard vinyl cord running through for shape as in the Dr. Bags.. will have to find my photos to post for many of the 80's bags.
  7. If I can e-mail you pictures of my gucci handbag with discriptions, could you verify if it is real, and when it would have been made?
  8. Welcome to Gucci Forum rooty

    The SA was correct, it's Gucci's policy. They do NOT authenticate.

    Welcome to Gucci Forum dot

    Please post here and someone may help you:
  9. You taught us a lot! Thx buddy~ :heart::heart:
  10. WOW, you are awesome
  11. Hi I was recently given a vintage gucci purse from the late 70' early 80's it has a serial number that's all on one line do you think its fake? Is there some way that I could get feedback to see if the purse i have is real or not? I tried phoning the gucci number but they said they can't look up by serial numbers. Thanks!
  12. I have a question regarding serial numbers. I just won an auction and the serial number is 002-39-0069. I have not yet paid. Here is the link to the auction that I won:

    I had my eye on the same model bag for comparison, but now realize that it has the same exact serial number! Here it the link to that auction:

    I posted my request on the authentication forum, but the authenticator does not authenticate vintage bags.

    Should I be alarmed that two bags in the same style have the same serial number? In fact, now that I have Googled that serial number, I'm also seeing other models of vintage Gucci purses. What do these serial number mean (date/style/location)? Can any vintage collectors tell me if there are any red flags?

    Thank you so much!
  13. Default ykk?
    I really love bags a lot but so confused on spotting an authentic or inauthentic ones:sad:..
    are Vintage Gucci bags really have YKK zipper or A GUCCI engraved under the zip only ....???
    OR Does a new Edition of Gucci Authentic bags has no YKK zip but just only GUCCI word engraved under the zipper??? which is which???
    pls help me for my queries guys,...thank you:smile:
  14. As far as I know, both vintage and recent Gucci bags may or may not have YKK zipperz. I had/have vintage ones with a YKK zipper, and I also had/have recent styles with no YKK zipper. Some of them doesn't even have GUCCI engraved underneath the zipper head and some even use LAMPO zippers. In short, there is no rule about this as Gucci and other major fashion houses tend to use different types/brands of zipper over the years.
  15. If the zipper has Talon on it, instead of YKK, is it probably a fake?
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