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  1. The bags are getting so busy and complicated...I may like some for a while...but I always return to the simple classic ones and now there aren't any more to buy.
  2. What do you mean?
  3. I talked to my SA this week about the PM and Favorite. She said that neither are being discontinued; they are not producing them as much. LV is focusing on their leathers and trying to bring their bag mix to a 75% leather 25% canvas ratio. They want to compete with higher end leather stores for now.
  4. I feel like all the new bags are trying to be Chanel competitors, which is fine. But I was more for the classics, more canvas less leather. There's always the preloved market. I still love the limited edition stuff. I will not be buying any of the new $2000+ bags. They're not my style.
  5. I do agree I believe LV is trying to get away from the canvas bags and moving more towards the leathers. Although since the early beginning LV has always been in direct competition with Chanel and other high end designers for that matter. I definitely see in the future less bags under 1k and mor in the 1500 and above starting out. Of course I do not see them getting rid of the classics such as the NF, Speedy, Alma and Delightful but they have already made changes to those and raised those prices to around 1400 with the exception of the Speedy. I see another upgrade of such that will put the Speedy over 1k. They place a strip of leather or a leather strap on the canvas and can charge 2k. I have been buying LV for quite some years and can tell you I am over the 2k bags that do not age well nor are they as durable as the classics. I have plenty to compare. Now I will never say never but as of right now nothing LV is coming out with appeals very much any longer. I prefer canvas as they are more durable and actually have a better resale value than the LV leathers. They also age well if taken care of.

    Not to mention they are getting ride of bags that make no sense. The Delightful Monogram and Azur with tan lining both gone! I love pink but everything does not need to be pink!
  6. I went to the LV counter in Harrods this week while I was in London for a couple of days to buy the Favourite MM in Damier Azur. A wasted trip. I queued for a while, then one of the SAs asked me what I was looking for and would check if it was in stock. He came back after a while saying not only was it not in stock there, it wasn't available anywhere in the UK! When I asked if it was discontinued, he insisted it wasn't but I find it hard to believe there is not a single bag in the whole country if it is considered current. Has anybody heard anything?
  7. My SA told me it's not discontinued, just hard to get. LV is going 75% leather, 25% canvas. Therefore, canvas won't be as available.
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  8. Ok. Thanks for the advice. I'll see if it is available here in Switzerland or whether I can reserve one.
  9. I don't mind LV going more leather but in all honesty, their new leather bags all look the same boring boxy shape to me these days. Not only are they less attractive when carried because they stick out in an almost obtrusive way sometimes, they are also quite heavy and impractical due to the weight. (Imagine trying to put a laptop or papers in those bags! Let alone think about the back and shoulder problems one might get further down the road from continually carrying all that weight on just one shoulder..). I don't know who designs these newer bags - it's like they can't even make up their minds if they want them to look executive or classy or trendy.
    On top of this, I agree too that the leathers don't age as well, especially at the corners and edges where they inadvertently get rubbed a lot.
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  10. IMG_8943.PNG Here it is!
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  11. Yup, we do all the time. The bags are worth what we're willing to pay, which is why prices continue to rise, because we continue to buy. The Artsy is over $2100 after tax, pm is $1930 after tax, I paid over $2100 for my Trevi (before it was discontinued), all these bags are canvas.
  12. I think vernis will be here a bit longer, they've released new bags and new colors in the vernis line.
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  13. I completely agree with this post. I will buy bags that are more expensive if I feel comfortable that the craftsmanship and quality are both top notch. But that is not the case. I see LV indeed going towards the Chanel route, which is higher prices + lower quality. This combo is the exact reason why I stayed AWAY from Chanel. Now I am afraid my love for LV is subsiding fast.

    I recently started getting into other brands like Gucci and Fendi. I suddenly realized that if I don't focus on LV alone, my money can stretch far (especially with good deals). So although it is kind of sad that LV is now going towards a direction I do not agree with, I am glad that I start to appreciate other bags again. Just look at Coach! That brand has become something extraordinary. The other day I went into a Coach boutique and really enjoyed looking at some of their 1941 pieces.
  14. Besides the Neverfull, Alma and Speedy, I think any bag is liable to end up on the chopping block.

    LV started out a canvas based luggage company. They should just own it, instead of trying to compete with Chanel. They are two completely different companies. If LV chooses to go with more leather as opposed to canvas I don't think I would buy as many bags. Imho, the only leather I find acceptable is Epi. But overall I don't think that the LV leather feels as high quality as Hermes. I would rather spend the money on that type of leather. Each company should stick to their strengths.
  15. Agree. Stick with what they've always known and fully own their product. Why bother becoming a jack of all trades and master of none?