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  1. There are rumors about the Favorite and pochette accessoires being discontinued but it seems like we can't get a straight answer! I was curious about other bags as well...
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  2. ...like the Saint Germain PM. No longer is the US site in a variety of colors. Haven't seen it in the site for a while
  3. And the Pallas chain seems to be gone from the US website as well
  4. Can anyone confirm? Please post if you know of any more bags being discontinued
  5. I think we can now be certain that the Eva is gone, despite conflicting stories from SAs.
    IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1129.jpg
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  6. This was a pretty smart thread to start! I'm gonna keep this one handy! :smile:
  7. I've heard rumors of the Palm Springs mini backpack being discontinued as well.
  8. Is the Neverfull PM being retired?
  9. Eva is gone for sure, and Favorite is next
  10. These have all been mentioned in many other threads if you do a search :smile:
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  11. I tried to find info on the Pallas chain and Saint Germain PM but turned up nothing. Can you link the threads on those? Thanks!
  12. How about the Alma mm in Damier Ebene? It shows call to purchase all the time
  13. Also for SLGs I think the Emp. Compact Curieuse:sad: love this wallet so glad I have mine
  14. Oh wow I had no idea they were discontinuing this. I know the glazing isn't a fan favorite. I love mine though. Perfect medium size wallet.
  15. The Pochette is in some sort of production limbo so it could be discontinued or it may not be depending on the decision made by LV. Eva Clutch is definitely gone and the Favorite is on its way out as well. It's difficult to keep up with the new updates coming but Purseforum is the best source for information. I wouldn't know anything without this site.
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