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  1. I was asking about Pochette Felicie (vernis) if they were releasing any new colors. The they told me no. No more colors as entire monogram vernis line will be phased out. I have to check with Switzerland (I'm in Sweden, and the SA wasn't 100% up to date imo).
    I have noticed a new patent leather bag with one large LV embossing (tote mirror) I don't have a good feeling about this.
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  2. They have the new Alma up on the US site. http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/alma-bb-monogram-vernis-nvprod480002v
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  3. Things change. Many collections have come and gone... Monogram Glacé, Monogram Mat, Mini Lin, Idylle, Monogram Cobalt, V Line, Monogram Multicolor, etc... it's not the end of the world. If something doesn't sell anymore, why keep it? Louis Vuitton is a business, not a museum. If customers aren't buying it, it shouldn't be on the shelves.

    As you note, there are other bags in patent leather, most notably the smooth Twists and the Tote with the large embossed LV. Patent leather will always be around in some form.

    I have not heard about Monogram Vernis going away, but it's very possible.
  4. I'm happy I got my Vernis business card holder then. I hope Reverse Monogram becomes more used in LV as I would love a SLG in that print.
  5. The Duomo Crossbody is back on the website - and when I was in Venice a few weeks back, they had lots in stock (Milano had 6!) and none of the SA's had heard anything about it being discontinued...
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  6. Does anyone know if the Pochette Metis in the MONOGRAM canvas (original) is being discontinued?

    I have the black Empreinte in this style "on-hold" for me as I've heard these are RARE and hard to come by, but I LOVE this one in the original mono canvas and would snap it up if it's being d/c'd
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  7. Im glad I got this bag. I love it
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  8. Glad you were able to get one Vernis Business card holder is also discontinued
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  9. @fabuleux You may have just given the reason that these didn't stick around for long
  10. Of course a business should produce what their custumers are buying. Then different companies has different strategies for their long term business goals. English is not my first (or second) language, so perhaps I have som trouble to express what I mean.
    Monogram Vernis has been around for almost 20 years, so maybe its time for a change. However it makes me personally sad as i think it´s a beautiful leather. Thats my personal opinion and has not much to do with how a company makes their decisions. Same thing with perfumes for example. One can get disappointed when your favourite fragrance is being reformulated or being discontinued, but companies make their decisions based on other reasons, if you now what I mean.
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  12. I think the looks good on the pic, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets popular. It´s nothing I would buy either. I like the old vernis where the LV logos are less noticeable. I like the original combo with vacchetta handles best, but vernis handles are also beautiful. As you say...there is to much going on with canvas handle and everything. But I see this trend in many of the new pieces. Less classic - more "fun". Even the capucines has a lot of "things" on them. I think its a pity LV can't do both - more classic looks as well as the newer stuff.
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  13. I have......
  14. I completely agree and will go one step further in saying that the classic styles have always caught my attention more than any other and have always remained "in-style" so to speak.
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