Dior Girly Line

  1. Does anyone else think that the Dior Girly line from a few years ago was one of the most beautiful, and successful lines Dior has ever had?
    Dior Girly Reporter.jpg
  2. I think that too!!!! I think they got a lot of people who normally don't like Dior to get a Dior bag!

    I still don't own one because I'm looking for a CLEAN brand new one for a good price, but haven't found one yet that matches this description.
  3. Yea, that line was absolutely gorgeous! I got a Dior girly boston and I receive lots of compliments for it everytime I bring it out!!!:wlae:
  4. Yup, that was the first time I was drawn to dior purses.
  5. I know! when i saw it come out i HAD to have one...seeing paris hilton carry the mini recta made me want one even more..lol recently i just baught one myslelf on eBay..it was such a lucky find! $500 CAD for the mini recta...good deal or not??
  6. I agree.
  7. Dior Girly is soo cute! I wish it didn't dirty that easily though.
  8. Dior girly is too cute!
  9. i loved the girly line too but i opted for the pink trotter.. i got a bag and i returned it a week a later because i knew i was going to get it dirty, i have a pair of girlie shoes and i've only worn them a couple times but they are my fave. shoes..

    i totally agree that it is the most popular line, i always get compliments when i wear mine out and i never feel outdated even though it is an older line..
  10. totally my favorite dior purse line
  11. Me too! I love it! People always say it is soo prettY! I love this line! I need to find a wallet for my bag!
  12. i think they are still selling wallets at some outlets..but for sure most of the handbags they dont have anymore. too bad there are so many fakes on eBay..
  13. has anyone seen these at the outlets?
  14. Yes!! That was my FIRST EVER designer bag and I love it! :tender: btw, I have the boston bag!
  15. Yes it's gorgeous. I get so many compliments w/ my girly boston bag.