DIOR GAUCHO bags for FALL 06. Dior goes for exotic skins.

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  1. Some pictures of the new Christian Dior gaucho bags for Fall/Winter 06/07. Looks like exotic skins the next move for the gaucho. The light colored bags with dark clothes makes for an interesting if not unusual contrast. What do you all think?
    Christian Dior Fall 06.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 2.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 3.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 4.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 5.jpg
  2. Christian Dior Fall 06 7.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 8.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 9.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 10.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 11.jpg
  3. Christian Dior Fall 06 12.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 13.jpg

    Christian Dior Fall 06 14.jpg
  4. they're ok...i like the third one. i don't like the last one though...
  5. Thanks for sharing! I definitely think the distressed leather ones look better than exotic skins, it doesnt seem like exotic skin fits the overall look of the gaucho
  6. Mmm...no me gustan.
    I really only like it in the dirty white anyway.
  7. I like the Gauchos, especially in red.
  8. I really like the snake looking one :biggrin:
  9. wow, these are cool. I like the python skin.
  10. thank you so much for sharing. i still like the white and red the best. i adore mine only its freezing here in NJ and have not been able to use it yet.
  11. I don't think I will buy another gaucho although I love my white gaucho tote. But the 4th and 5 th of the first (the gold) is nice. But must see in person first before I really know what I am saying.:biggrin:
  12. hi sweetea. your tote is gorgeous.
  13. Hi doulosforhim! Thanks! I got so many compliments when I use the bags. It's just incredible and unexpected. It is a very unique and different bag I guess, that is why it gets attention from people. I love it!:love:
  14. ur lucky u live in warm weather and can enjoy it now. it's freezing here in Nj. waiting for the warm weather before i use my medium white. ahhhhh but i love it though:love:
  15. I have the white gaucho in medium and I am not getting any comments, I wonder if that is because the tote is more visible somehow.