DIOR GAUCHO bags for FALL 06. Dior goes for exotic skins.

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  1. Maybe I should get the tote... however I felt like the saddlebag style was more true to concept with the shoulder bag, and the shoulder bag is very comfortable, it slings behind your arm, so your arm can rest at the side of your body without any trouble.

  2. hmmm, i'll have to see when i use mine, but i still love it and the fact that i love it, will make me enjoy it more.the large was sloppy i thought, and hard to get into.
  3. Doulosforhim-
    I have the same prob-I aloso live in NJ and the weather totally stinks! I am afraid to wear my spy bag outside...
    Artofacquisition-I sent the red tote back-it had some weird discoloration issues on the inside...but I think the shoulder bag is better-It was tight to wear on the shoulder with a winter coat....
  4. Are yours the single or the double gaucho? I have seen the single one in person and I didn't like it too much. I haven't seen the large double in person though but looking at Star is wearing it on her pics, it looks really good.
  5. Doulosforhim..you need to use that large gaucho! or model it for us..take pics and post it for us! :biggrin: :biggrin: . Is that the double one?
  6. Thanks for posting the Dior pics!
  7. Yea maybe you are right about the true concept there with the saddlebag style. Athough I have the opt to wear it in my shoulder and in the crook of my arm or just carry it like a satchel, I do love love my gaucho tote..
  8. the large i sent back. kept the medium which i love.:love: :love: it was a hard choice but i am happy,

  9. wow!small world. were in Nj are you from? i am in central jersey.

  10. did you find the lenghth of the strap a problem? i wished it were longer, but i still love it.
  11. I'm glad I got mine already. I'm not a fan of this new line.
  12. which one did u get kat?
  13. Love the Red and Balck Croc!!!! :nuts: wish ive got the mula for the croc...:cry:
  14. wow, i'm loving the croc! gorgeous!