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  1. My Saks SA has these

    Micro (mini) Studded LD $3200
    Med Studded LD $4300

    IMG_2230.JPG IMG_2229.JPG IMG_2218.JPG
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  2. My Saks SA also has these - med studded Diorama $3600, lizard LD $7100

    IMG_2224.JPG IMG_2225.JPG
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  3. My boutique SA has these straps... IMG_5558.JPG IMG_5559.JPG IMG_5560.JPG IMG_5561.JPG IMG_5562.JPG IMG_5563.JPG IMG_5564.JPG IMG_5565.JPG IMG_5572.JPG IMG_5573.JPG
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  4. Straps cont, and also tarot mitzvah scarves to put on bags... IMG_5574.JPG IMG_5575.JPG IMG_5579.JPG IMG_5580.JPG IMG_5581.JPG IMG_5582.JPG IMG_5583.JPG IMG_5584.JPG IMG_5585.JPG IMG_5586.JPG
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  5. Tarot mitzvah scarves & 2 more bags - boutique SA IMG_5587.JPG IMG_5588.JPG IMG_5576.JPG
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  6. My Saks SA has these

    IMG_1487195973.283718.jpg IMG_1487195987.431511.jpg

    For the bracelets:

    Top Left- $640
    Top Middle- $450
    Top Right- $550
    Bottom Left- $830
    Bottom Middle- $450
    Bottom Right- $550

    For the necklaces:

    Top Left: $370
    Top Right: $580
    Bottom Left: $610
    Bottom Right: $370
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  7. At Saks. What left of Doirrisimo IMG-20170225-WA0016.jpg IMG-20170225-WA0017.jpg
  8. What is left of the oblique Dioramas - Vegas Crystals IMG_5885.JPG
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  9. At Saks. What left of Be Dior. IMG-20170226-WA0002.jpg IMG-20170226-WA0001.jpg
  10. Saks and Dior crystals boutique have these. $790

    IMG_1488324466.700174.jpg IMG_1488324497.285382.jpg
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  11. Dior crystals has this

  12. Size 38 at the Wynn Las Vegas. Please PM for SA contact!
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  13. Dior shoes sale at Neiman.
    SA Philip +16504929072
    IMG-20170603-WA0021.jpg IMG-20170603-WA0022.jpg IMG-20170603-WA0019.jpg IMG-20170603-WA0020.jpg IMG-20170603-WA0018.jpg
  14. New shoes at NM
    SA Philip +16504929072 IMG-20170612-WA0017.jpg IMG-20170612-WA0018.jpg
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  15. My SA has this one of a kind...I'm obsessed, but can't afford
    IMG_2095.JPG IMG_2096.JPG