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Feb 23, 2017
Woodbury Commons those book totes are back. I know three was on the floor not sure about what's actually in stock. I don't know the name of the black leather Dior men's saddle pouch but that was going for a little over 2000.00 minus taxes. The round black crossbody a little over 900.00 +. IF @averagejoe can please give the name of the black leather saddle pouch I greatly appreciate. Looking at that pouch I would feel like a gunslinger. LOL!!!! 20210512_121131_wm.jpg 20210512_121113_wm.jpg 20210512_121037_wm_wm.jpg 20210512_122656_wm.jpg
Averagejoe: I think the Saddle bag was called the Boxy Saddle. I really love that bag! Too bad I don't live in the US. I couldn't use the reply feature because it would break the "no comment" rule.
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