*DIOR Finds* No comments/questions *See first post*

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2006
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    Please post any great finds on authentic Dior pieces you find.

    There's NO chatting - no questions or comments in this thread.

    You must know that the items you post are authentic.

    If it's brick and mortar, the store and location MUST be included, if you'd like to refer an SA that's ok.

    As per tPF rules, you may not post your own items and sales associates cannot do business here.

    Chat about finds here: http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/chat-about-dior-authentic-finds-deals-here-879504.html
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  2. this red lady dior studded east/west bag looks real to me (though i'm not very sure, best if mayday or someone else who's more familiar could step in to have it verified) and the seller has 100% positive feedback.

    i would definitely get it in a heartbeat if it were in black. *sighs*.

    eBay: Ltd. Ed. Christian Dior Red East/West Bag Studs Charms (item 230047242710 end time Nov-11-06 05:59:23 PST)

    oh yes, and if any of you ladies are watching the beige trotter romantique auction here: eBay: Christian Dior Womens Purse Handbag Canvas $830 Lk New (item 170046361669 end time Nov-11-06 09:25:06 PST)

    just be wary. it was previously listed (the same bag with the broken handle) and the auction ended with a winning bidder. it may be because the bidder didn't pay eventually, but i guess it might be best to just email the seller and ask why it was relisted.
    just a heads up for that one there. :smile:
  3. from our very own mayday again:

    eBay: Authentic Dior Detective Bag denim pockets handbag (item 270052953560 end time Nov-15-06 18:16:19 PST)

    it's a steal! and verrrrry pretty. someone get it please! before i break my own bank to buy it (thus rendering me to a year's worth of living on canned tuna for meals).

    oh an a lady dior east/west:
    eBay: Authentic Christian Dior East/West Bag - Black (item 260050892614 end time Nov-18-06 14:55:52 PST)

    it makes my heart flutter! if only it wasn't so pricey. :sad:
    argghh i want a lady dior east/west or tote sooo badly.