Did anyone go to the sample sale in NYC today?

  1. Wondering if it's worth the trip downtown. Any thing good. I'm really intersted in H belts, bracelets and scarves.
  2. I just got back. Very small selection of bracelets, no belts, but a nice selection of scarves. They are $195.
  3. Any small leather goods or GPs?
  4. I showed up around 12:00 and the noramal size GPs were gone already. They had the tiny ones and then the little ones that don't have handles. They also had a pretty large selection of the other canvas beach tote bags, some striped. Sorry I don't know the official names!

    For small leather goods there was a fairly good selection of agenda covers. Precious few men's wallets, no women's wallets. Prices were 40% off.

  5. i went twice! the first time to the private sale and then again when it was open to the public. the great thing they had this time was china!! i got the cutest little pink and gold teapot and a set of 2 cups and saucers. i am still wondering if i should have got the set to match the teapot but i didn't. so cute and it was 70% off! woot!

    the small accessories selection was woefully small- barely any belts or bracelets and very few agendas- they did have a ton of the little ones but what can you do with those? there were plenty of scarves but no plisses that i say and i only saw 2 mousseline stoles which got snapped up. i think they proabably had a few and when one person put them down someone else picked it up immediately...
  6. I went, too. Lots of scarves and ties. Some shoes + expensive RTW. The china was a great deal (I got the same pink teapot) and it sounds like they're putting out more stuff each day. There were lots of canvas bags and some teeny tiny GPTs. I walked around with an adorable teeny tiny red leather GPT for a while, but in the end decided $1000+ is too much for a bag that I can't even fit my wallet into :push:
  7. ^^ great reports! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Anyone remember colors/patterns on the scarves? - Dang! -$195 is good price!
  9. LOL...Abbyroad, I had that same little red leather GP in my bag for a while & then put it back. It was just way too small for me as well.

    Personally, I don't think the sale this year is as good as in the past. I remember one year there was LOTS of china, enamel bangles, cashmere scarves, and boots. Today, I ended up taking home a pair of shoes, a couple scarves, ties, baby booties, and towels. I keep thinking about a skirt & sweater I put back and may go back for them. Maybe I'll wait until the end when it gets marked further down.
  10. I went too! 2manybags, I agree that this sale wasn't as good as some in years past. I did much prefer the location to the Lycee Francaise, though--at least this place was well lit, even if it was hot in there.

    I didn't even see one enamel bangle, maybe I was looking in the wrong place? They had a ton of baby stuff--made me wistful that I don't have one to buy for. Lots of amazing bathrobes and cashmere blankets, which I was drooling over, but can't buy because my DH is violently allergic to cashmere. Well, he's also allergic to the idea of spending that kind of money on a blanket, come to think of it. LOL!
    When I was back there near the china, I didn't actually see all that much stuff, but I think hlfinn & abby went back to that section again later and that's when they got their cute teapots.

    Overall I thought the scarves were really the big attraction (but I only ended up with one!). I don't wear Hermes RTW, so that did nothing for me, and the tiny little GPs also don't do a thing for me since I can't even fit my Dogon into one (and the GPs were still quite pricy, IMPO). I did almost buy the GP in that odd "file" size, but couldn't decide if I really loved it, so I left it there.

    The one thing I wish I had picked up were some of those canvas/cotton travel bags. They were really inexpensive and very practical. I may even go back for some, but I'm a little bitter right now over a small incident that took place while I was there...so we'll see.
  11. Oh Cynthia, what happened?
  12. can you believe i didn't even buy a single scarf? i tried. i looked. but they didn't have anything that really got me.

    rose- i saw they had the silver colorway of the babel that i got there last year. i was hoping you made it there today and picked one up! they also had that adorable black and white hat you posted a long time ago. i almost bought one for my mom but ended up getting her another one instead.
  13. Thanks H, no, I am going tomorrow, it was Georgia's 15th birthday today and she did not want to head into NYC in the rain.
  14. I don't think there were any bangles at all. At least they were gone before we got in, if there were any.

    The SA helping us in the china section said she'd definitely have new patterns to put out tomorrow. She motioned to the area behind the curtain behind her section and said it was all storage for stuff they didn't have space to put out today :graucho:
  15. what???? new patterns???? darn it!!! i love my tea pot but i might have liked a different set of the cup and saucers. darn. i am still wondering if i shouldn't have bought the pink cup and saucer... i was hoping for an ashtray but they didn't have any.

    oh i can totally understand that rose. i hope she had a great birthday! i hope they have that scarf too if you still want it!