Diamond FAQ/Reference thread

  1. The sizes seem to be accurate. If you want a bigger look you should go for a Round stone...
  2. Wow, what a great help, thanks so much!!
  3. swanky mama of three - thanks for proof that size matters!
  4. Good links. However, the Amazon and bluenile ones appear to be dead. At least they aren't working for me. Good actual comparison, though, Swanky!
  5. Yeah, it's over 3 yrs old now :smile:
    Happy to update it if anyone has a good one!
  6. I couldn't get the Amazon one to load. Anyone have a mirror to this?
  7. all references are welcome!!! :welcome:
  8. I'll change the title to reflect our growth :biggrin:
  9. I still haven't worked on that big glossary thing yet Swanky...
  10. LOL! All kindsa things I haven't done :lol:
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