Diamond FAQ/Reference thread

  1. These charts can be good for getting a rough idea of carat weigh and how it translates to size, but bear in mind that the actual spread of an individual diamond can vary. For example, some diamonds are cut very deep or shallow and can look small or large for their weight. So it is important when choosing a diamond to take note of the diameter measurements, if you are buying a 1 carat diamond, you want it to look like a 1 carat diamond! With fancy shaped diamonds such as pears, emerald cuts or Radiants, Princess etc, this can be more difficult to judge as cut quality with fancy shapes can vary tremendously.
  2. :yes: it's all relative. But most people are visual and love any kind of reference, no matter how loose :biggrin:
  3. Indeed, as long as they take it as a rough idea and that it may not be completely accurate, also that a poorly cut diamond may look significantly smaller or larger for it's weight ( which in the latter may not be as good as it sounds as cut quality may suffer with such diamonds).
  4. But I do appreciate that this chart was posted in the first place with the intention of giving people some idea of how carat weights can translate into face up size. I wanted to add this to my last post but lost the editing option...
  5. I agree,its nice for peeps to have a visual reference,and anything like this is always going to be a bit 'loose' compared to sitting in front of stones and doing it real life.Something folks don't always have the time to keep doing until they have decided,so this is a great tool in that respect.

    Also,its such a small portion that is really horrifically cut and falls out of the acceptable parameters,and if peeps are just using this guide as a reference,thats ok,they will be guided by their jeweller or others peeps on this forum when they have their search narrowed down to their last couple of choices. If a cert details get posted,I can usually 'read' that and define if a stones ok or not xxxx
  6. LOL, thanks for pointing that out. I kept looking at the 1.5 and comparing my ring thinking there is no way my diamond is that big- went back and checked and it was set for 118%:p. It made much more sense when I set it to 100%.;)
  7. Thanks Swanky!
  8. Oh how nice a 3 carat would look on my finger.. lol!!
  9. ^^ lol. tried one on today- it was $40,000!! O.O haha
  10. I took a photo of my ring and earrings after cleaning them this week, thought they may be useful to compare sizes.

    From left to right is
    3.67crt - 1crt - .51crt

    HTH someone!

    *forgive the severe color reflection, my formal living room is a deep gold color:push:
    IMG_0389.jpg IMG_0386.jpg
  11. ^Good golly, those are beautiful diamonds!:nuts:
  12. Hi Swanky,

    Thnks for great link.
  13. Thank you so much! Do you mind taking pics of the 3.67 crt ring on you, so I can see what it looks like on the hand?

    This thread is great, thanks!
  14. Nevermind, I just saw the pics in the jewelry reference section. Very nice! Do you have any more pictures? I noticed you insinuating that you've posted a lot, lol.

    What is your ring size, by the way?