Diamond FAQ/Reference thread

  1. thank you, it is very helpful.

    I imagine how it look like 3c diamond.
  2. Thanks a lot for posting this. It really helped in deciding whether a 1.5ct or a 2ct stone would be best for me.
  3. :cutesy:
  4. This is very helpful.
    Thank u.
  5. I have really small fingers (size I, english, 4 1/4 american) so i would love to know how a 1 carat would sit on my hand...just incase my bf decides to buy me a ring in a year or so ;)
  6. great links
  7. This is such a helpful picture! THANKS!!
  8. I posted these photos on a different thread.
    Thought it might serve here as well!

    6 carat in the Tiffany classic solitaire setting

    IMO too big!:nuts:
    tiffany6ct.jpg R0014325-thumb-540x364.jpg
  9. :drool: - Now I know what to get when I win the lottery.
  10. too big IMO too for an RB. Makes my 3.7 RB look small! LOL!
  11. Well, with a stone that size, should anyone come up and try to take it, it makes a pretty good weapon to whack them with:biggrin:
  12. YES! you have maximum size of RB solitaire!!!
    Do not push your sweet DH for bigger ones!!!
    ...I doubt it...:biggrin:
  13. I've had it 2 yrs and haven't once thought I'd want a bigger one!
    Once in a while, in a ploy to butter me up, he'll try and tempt me w/ a bigger and I always tell him he's got the wrong bribery tactic, I don't want it bigger, LOL!
  14. doh! i wish i'd noticed this thread before i posted questions about this lol feels a bit silly
  15. Swanky, do you know if this is accurate (did you compare your ring). I am DREAMING for a 3+ Cushion cut ring and it seems small according to this.