Diamond FAQ/Reference thread

  1. To me, this is the best size and price comparison site! It is so easy to use, up to date and extensive! Happy browsing!
  2. Useful link! Thanks!
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  5. wat great sites.. am off to beg hubby for more diamonds hehehe
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  9. isn't there a chart somewhere that shows how large a carat diamond you would need on various finger sizes for it to look the same (in terms of finger coverage)? That If someone knows where it it, posting it here would be very helpful.
  10. Nabbed this off Pricescope - correlates RB size and ring size with finger coverage :smile:


    But I think you can just use the mm size and get an idea for many other cuts too. For example, my new (antique) 3.00ct asscher is 8.17mm x 8.09mm, so equivalent to a 2 carat RB, on my size 6 finger, equals roughly 50% finger coverage.

    Per this pic, it's about right (SHAMELESS plug for my new stone!!!)

  11. thank you for posting this! This chart is exactly what I had in mind.
  12. Erica! this is awesome, this chart is great!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for posting!!!!!!!!
  13. This is such a great page. Thanks for posting!
  14. Thanks alot for this photo comparison Swanky. It's the best photo comparison that I've seen on here. It really helps to see all 3 of the different sized diamonds and how they look next to your fingers.
    It gives a wonderful visual as to how they would look on ourselves when wearing those sizes.
  15. oh good, glad it helped!!