Designer pieces: Verdura, David Webb, Schlumberger etc

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  1. Because I do not know how to take a good picture, here is Verdura's picture of these beautiful earrings.

  2. Looks great on you:heart::loveeyes:
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  3. Oh my. Now I am wondering if one Verdura yellow gold curb-link bracelet is enough.

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  4. Doesn’t she look amazing. I love her style, and those bracelets are truly beautiful.
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  5. I have two. One black jade and gold, the second with green jade and gold. It makes a fantastic choker.
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  6. If there was a love button, I would have pressed it a million times!! These are FABULOUS.
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  7. Here is a picture of me wearing the bracelets as a choker.

  8. Wow
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  9. Beautiful!
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