Designer pieces: Verdura, David Webb, Schlumberger etc

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  1. I thought it might be fun to see what pieces people had or wanted to acquire. I love Schlumberger, Buccellati, Verdura, Webb, Dunay etc
  2. Oh, absolutely! I love some Roberto Coin pieces and Sutra (besides VCA).
  3. My itty bitty lone Schlumberger piece... I'd love to have some of the enamel pieces, but alas, out of my budget.

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  4. That's very pretty, junkenpo!!!

    These are my Sutra earrings...(photo from my store's website)


    The RC pieces I'm getting next...


  5. I love fine jewelry by Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso. I would love to own a Schlumberger one day.
  6. ooh love the ladybug!!
  7. my dream pieces: a green enamel schlumberger bracelet with turquoise cabochons. bulgari serpenti bracelet with sapphires and emeralds.
  8. No ones got any Verdura to post???

  9. Thank you! I adore them. And yes, I plan to wear the RC with them....I'm not into subtle jewelry!

  10. Did you get the earrings recently? They are stunning!!

  11. Yes, over the summer at London Jewelers. It was love at first sight and I really had nothing to go with it!!
  12. The sutra earrings are amazing!!
  13. This is a Faberge egg, built @ 10 yrs ago, it has ruby, diamond & 18kt yellow gold, the size is .75" tall by .45" wide, very well finished-stevie...:cool:
    eggft.JPG eggrear.JPG
  14. Just discovered this thread! I have a few pieces of Verdura -- will look to see if I can find some pictures so I don't have to dig the pieces out!