Designer pieces: Verdura, David Webb, Schlumberger etc

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    I have these three Verdura curb- link bangles ..... White gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

    Looking for pictures of my other pieces

    ETA: a modeling pic

    When I bought these I fully intended to wear all three at once, but honestly for me it is too much. I only wear two at the same time.

  2. Verdura yellow gold curb- link bracelet

  3. sbelle, these are such gorgeous, classic pieces.
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    Thanks so much Mistikat!

    I am continuing to search for pictures, but it seems like I've deleted a lot of the modeling pictures I had.... for the moment I can share just these

    These are my Verdura pinwheel earrings.... Will keep looking for a modeling picture ...


    The Verdura stock photo shows the pinwheels much better


    ETA: Found a modeling picture. I did have the earrings adjusted to that they would sit up higher on my ear lobe, but you get the idea...

    I also have a white gold curb-link white gold bracelet but lol the only picture I can find is this....


    a tpfer had asked me about the length of the curb-links versus the Hermes torsade and I took this picture! From what I understand the white gold curb-link is only made on request now.
  5. Sbelle, thanks so much for all the pieces! They're beautiful, love the earrings and the curb links. Are they solid gold? Because I would think it would be really heavy wearing two or three!
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    The curb-link cuffs are much smaller than the curb-link bracelets -- maybe I'll take a comparison picture later. I don't think the curb-link bracelets are solid gold (I know there are some other tpfers who own Verdure cub-links -- care to chime in?), but they are heavy. In fact it is one of the things I love about the curb-link -- it is a substantial, heavy bracelet that you feel when you wear.

    ETA: size comparison picture white gold curb-link cuff versus white gold curb-link bracelet

    Greta Garbo did wear two at a time, but in the pictures I've seen it was one on each arm.

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    I think Buccellati should be added to the list in this thread. Any Buccellati fans?

    The only piece I own right now is the Hawaii white gold long necklace.


  8. I think Greta Garbo had a bracelet on one arm and a watch on the other. Yours are so beautiful! Hoping to get the watch someday...
  9. You are right! I never looked closely to see that it was a watch on the other arm!

  10. As always your collection is gorgeous!

    The curb link bracelets are solid gold
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    Has anyone ever seen the Verdura curb-link earclips in person?

    Are they new or have I just missed them? I thought I knew their catalogs by heart. :lol:

    They come in a large and a small.....


    ETA: ok, I did go through every page of all the catalogs I have and don't see them anywhere. Surely there would be a picture somewhere if these had been around for awhile.
  12. Ok -- I have learned something in since my last post. The curb-link earrings were introduced last Fall.

    And more information .....apparently they do not do well with posts in them. With posts the earrings do not sit well on the ear. You have to wear them as clips with no posts.

    I don't know if I could wear earrings with clips only. I would be so afraid an earring would fall off , but then again people without pierced ears wear earrings that way all the time .

    Any thoughts ?
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    lol -- I realize there aren't a lot of Verdura fans in tpf so I am really talking to myself here! But, I found out today that the small curb-link earclips are bigger than the pinwheel earclips I have. (I can't even begin to imagine how big the larges are)

    I love my pinwheels, but don't know if I want to go any bigger. To be sure, I will have to wait until next time I can stop by and try them on.

    In the case that anyone other than me comes to this thread :lol:, I am going to post a comparison picture of the pinwheels and curb-links.


    And just to see the pinwheels on -- even though this picture is already in the thread below, I've moved it up here to help understand how big the curb-links are. (I did have the earclips adjusted so they sit up higher on my ear!)

  14. This thread is after my own heart. I love Verdura and am lucky enough to have some nice pieces. I have some Buccellati and Sutra too.
  15. Here are pics of some Verdura, Schlumberger, Bucellati, and Sutra from my collection.

    The turquoise is my latest acquisition. It just makes me happy. I can wear is with jeans as well as black tie. I have a second Verdura turquoise necklace with rubies, but it's a little bit more formal. I don't think I'll ever come across VCA turquoise 20 motif, but this is a more than acceptable replacement.

    The Verdura cuff is one of their one of a kind pieces made with an antique Scotch agate pin with rose gold and natural pearls. It's not a light piece, so it's not every day, but very special.

    Schlumberger bangle, it's a great everyday piece.

    I picked up the Bucellati earrings at an antique shop on Portobello Road a few years ago. I was wearing a Bucellati diamond, opal and pink sapphire ring and was chatting up the dealer, and she went to the back and showed me these earrings. I went to lunch to think it over and went back and purchased them.

    The Sutra earrings stole my heart when I saw them.

    I found a pic of me wearing the Scotch Agate cuff and another of my criss cross cuff.
    IMG_2365.JPG IMG_2366.JPG IMG_2370.JPG IMG_2371.JPG IMG_2369.JPG IMG_2367.JPG IMG_2372.JPG IMG_0346.JPG IMG_0320-2.JPG