Designer Brands You Will Never Buy

  1. In general, I guess I don't like what I think of as "candy" bags -- the LV multicolor, murakami, dooneys, etc., with the colorful prints. Also, I can't even imagine myself wearing a purse labeled "baby phat." I guess I'm getting older, but it seems ridiculous.
  2. LV Mono, MC, Groom, Fringe, Cerises, Denim, Damier Geant, Trianon, Perfo,
    customized stripes on Goyard - there are a FEW nice combinations, but most of them are horrid.
    Hermes Birkin, Kelly - grandma bags
    Chanel Cambon - the real ones look fake to me
    Dior Rasta
    Prada Guaffre
    Gucci 85th Anniversary
    Fendi Spy, BBag
  3. Not keen on the Fendi B bag, can't stand the "B"s on the the front.:confused1:
    I'll run and hide now.:lol:
  4. Went to the mall earlier and remembered one I really don't like.....MJ stam bag.:yucky:

    UGGG!!!!:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    Sorry to all the MJ lovers which I know are many, and especially this bag. Just really dislike it. I think if I got it as a gift, I'd return it. Except if my grandma gave it to me. Can't ever seem to return her stuff no matter how awful it turns out to be.:angel:
  5. Yeah, I don't understand the appeal of the spy bag. It's so baggy and gross.

    Also, those vinyl fendi bags with the big buckles.
  6. Dior gaucho
    Fendi b-bag
  7. Dior gaucho- never got it..
    LV multicolour, especially the black
    LV with animal print- Hello?
    Balencia- just not my kind, but I've never had one in my hands
    Cloe- how heavy can a bag get?
  8. Fendi Spy
  9. Thus, continues my love/hate affair with LV monogram. I just went today to look at some LV monogram luggage and loved it! I wish I could make up my mind! I am so fickle when it comes to the LV monogram. I have been using this duffel bag, I got as a free giveaway....when you buy cosmetics....for years as my travel bag....but now with db...I didn't want to carry something hand-held. I didn't buy anything yet.....just started looking and comparing some different designers.
  10. Chloé Paddington, Fendi Spy, almost everything by Marc Jacobs
  11. YSL Muse

    Anything too flashy with logos (LV mono is an exception)... like Juicy Couture, Dooney & Bourke, etc.
  12. Everything Chanel, the Birkin (the Kelly is nice, though) and although I'm an LV-fan, I don't get the appeal of the Noé, sorry. :shrugs:
  13. - LV
    - Gucci
    - Dior
    - Muse
    - MJ stam
    - Chloe
    - patent anything

    I suppose i'm just partial to Balenciaga and Chanel :love:
  14. Loved LV Cherry Blossom and Cerises - hate the MC Dalmation bags. Talk about Cruella De Ville.

    Loved Gucci monogram - until everyone started carrying them - now I don't like them.

    Kinda liked the Balenciaga Motorcycle bags - until Nicole Richie was photographed every week carrying a different colour.

    So I guess I hate bags that are so 'It' they become overexposed. I want my bags to be special and indicative of my 'personal style' - especially in LA where people seem to buy for the label and not the design. And if they are extra blingy with tassels and bells and whistles, they call even more attention to themselves.

    This is unrelated, but after seeing the 'Body Exhibit' I can't help but think that the new wrinkly Prada and Miu Miu bags look like... well, something I saw at the 'Body Exhibit'.
  15. I never understood why everyone was going so crazy about Botkier and Kooba bags a year or so ago. I think most of the Botkier bags are just plain fugly. As for Kooba, their prices went up but they started being made in China.