Designer Brands You Will Never Buy

  1. I really dont get the Hermes bags...

    It looks so plain and so looks so uncomfortable to carry and the price!!!! $10-15K and higher? (there are some that are lower but..) for one bag and bags with real diamonds and gold?! How caddy can you get!!!!...and I hear that you have to take those "special" bags as they become available, which people are so greatful to get?!...come on! Its just a way of marketing to the rich....thats not a bag..its a "look what I can afford" tag on your arm!!!

    I feel better....:shame: ...Dont look at me that way.....:sweatdrop: be nice....
  2. i can't stand the Balenciaga bags, especially the City or Motorcycle or something or other in the bright colors :yucky:. the First doesn't look too bad if it's in a very light color, but the other colors make the leather look all worn and cracked.

    i hate the Dior Gaucho too. i simply don't understand what all the fuss is about. as i told pinkbweakfast, i think it looks like someone randomly taped a belt to the bag and dragged it across a swamp, because the colors are so dull and dirty-looking :push:.

    i don't like the Hermes Kelly too (but i love the Birkin :lol:). it just doesn't look right, somehow, maybe because of the funny-looking top handle :shrugs:.

    and i hate the Louis Vuitton Monogram Leopard bags. The leopard print is just tacky, and the removable chain is too much:hysteric:.
  3. Oh, I love how you said this, ..... I'm trying to kill my Hermes lemmings. I think I wanted an Hermes just because it's an Hermes. I've now come to understanding with myself (and am now at peace) - if I can afford to just pop into an Hermes store and pick up a Birkin in the size and colour I want, I WILL .... but if I have to save, sacrifice purchasing other bags, and meanwhile be on the waiting list and have to cultivate good relations with the Hermes manager in getting a Birkin - forget it! There's are tons of lovely lovely classic bags that I can choose to buy.

    No offense to anyone please .... I still admire all the Birkins pics on TPF... but right now at this moment, I'm contented to just drool over my PC! (Forgot to mention I have 2 kids going for tertiary education in a couple of years).
  4. :nuts: I think I luv you....:love:...Seriously...I dont understand giving the SAs so much power when you are paying such prices...I know that LV SAs can be rude but they kiss up to me....not the other way around!...Stop looking at me that way...:shame: Dont hurt me....:s
  5. Absolutely dislike the Dior Gaucho. Totally unfeminine. I never got the entire Dior saddle-bag craze anyway. I felt it should come w/ a horse as your gift-with-purchase. :rolleyes:

    And as I stated before, dislike Birkin and Kelly also. In fact, don't like Hermes much at all. :shrugs:
  6. Those Dooney heart bags.. I just don't get it !
  7. hmm........
    -white MC and most black MC
    -about 75% of Dior bags (excluding gauchos, saddle bags- love those things!)
    -Chloe, Versace, and especially DOONEY! :yucky:
  8. -Isabella Fiore (Was her #1 fan a year ago)
    -kate Spade
    -Juicy, Coach & Dooney & B.,

  9. I will you guys who said the YSL Muse...I saw one IRL and thought it was boring! :blah:
  10. I actually really dislike these oversized bags that make everyone look like they are carrying their kitchen sink with them.
  11. I dont think there are any bags "I cant stand" but many that I wont own... one of them is Goyard. I'm also trying to unload everything LV.
  12. Yes Goyard..... never understood the appeal:shrugs:
  13. A lot of the Louis Vuitton Bags (although I'd never be caught dead saying this a couple years ago..) So many fakes out there! I've never really liked the black MC either, the one I had was an impulse buy to go with an outfit...I later sold the bag.

    Coach...somehow I cannot bring myself to buy it or get into the trend.

    Fendi...the tulle spy and white spy are nice, as is the devil bag..but the Zucca print...yuck!

    Birkin: I've never been enthralled by them.

    Gucci: I'm sick of seeing that belt bag on everyone and their dog!
  14. Balenciaga except in certain colors as with the Gaucho, which I only like in white.
  15. I really don't like LV mono and logo bags and the new series with the leoprad just looks so cheap to. Logo bags are just so showy and tacky and that might be not true but for me it reflects the owner's character. Why would anybody wants to pay big $ for advertising a designers logo, that's what I don't get. LV monos look and feel like mass production to me e.g. the speedy. Same goes for Gucci and Dior logo bags which are not even made of leather. I love all leather bags without any brand written on it or at least not to flashy because I don't want to show off the : Look I got a designer bag thing.
    But everyone is different so it's great that there are styles for every person out there.