Designer Brands You Will Never Buy

  1. im almost scared to answer..haha..bc i think some pp may take offense..

    but..i think i dont have any bags that i CANT STAND, really...but simply, just bags i wont ever buy. if other pp like them, its allright. i just wont carry it.
    i am not a fan of LV anymore..too played out. i also dont buy any coach or dooney and burke....their looks do not appeal to me at all.
  2. For me, it will have to be LV... just to clarify, I actually rather like LV and used to own a few..... until one day, I realised that standing within a 5metre radius in a shopping centre, carrying my LV was another 4 other ladies carrying almost an identical bag from each other!!! Too many people love LVs and I'm sorry to say that i don't love this brand anymore - although I must give it credit for it's superb workmanship and materials.... I've since off loaded all my LVs and now only owns a small cosmetic pouch which I've been using daily for years and still standing up!!

    The other bags which I would not buy is a Gucci... this brand is always going on sale. I've bought a Gucci at a regular price only to see it with a 30% discount two weeks later.... too many Guccis walking around in small Singapore.

    LVs and Gucci lovers, please don't feel any offense, just an honest personal opinion here..... of course I still continue to admire all the LVs and Guccis that I see in advertisements and on celebrities' arms.:jammin:
  3. I dont like gucci bags they look like table cloths to me and I just can justify the price for its "quality".
    Coach get on my nerves too I never really understand their style.
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ha ha ha! hehehe Hoooo! Gotta agree tho. Hermes looks uncomfortable to carry.
  5. I do not care for white handbags, anything you can pet , i.e. hairy like ponyskin , bags with too much hardware, or braided leather on any bag no matter what brand.
  6. The bright, childish looking D&Bs I would never buy.

    Anything with too much hardware or embellishment, no matter what the brand. Too flashy doesn't work for me.

  7. WELL SAID! my thoughts exactly...
  8. My list is kind of long:

    Fendi spy and B bags. I have seen some spy bags that have pretty colors, but the design of the bag is ugly to me.

    I'm getting tired of Balenciaga.

    I don't like ANY Chloe bags and don't get the big deal as to why someone think the paddington is so great.

    The denim, vernis, and multicolor LV lines. Especially that fringe MC speedy. I think it is SO tacky. And even though I do like LV and have some lV bags, I think it is overrated and getting kind of played out.

    Most Prada bags I don't like and think are overrated
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. One LV bag that I absolutely loathed is the MC Gracie bag. The word peacock always comes to mind everytime I see that bag. I also hate the MC fringe bags, Chloes (with their ever so big paddlocks! I never understand the point of making such huge paddlocks).

    There are others too, I'll add more later..
  11. I am somewhat getting tired of Balenciaga bags too. Also I never really liked Gucci bags, and some LV bags I would never consider buying(although I do love alot of LV bags.) I also, like kymmie said, I don't like anything you can "pet." I lose interest in a bag when I start noticing everyone carrying it.
  12. I'm like you, addictedtolv. I :heart: LV and Balenciaga! It sounds as though we're the only ones here who feel that way.

    I dislike: anything with too many studs or animal print, Dior saddle bags, and LV fringe and charm lines.
  13. Prada Gauraffe
    Chanel Cambon
    Louis Vuitton MC
    Louis Vuitton monogram (in general)
    Fendi Spy
  14. Louis Vuitton denim
    Marc Jacobs Stam ... it's growing on me though
    Dooney & Burke (anything)
    Coach (in general)
    Juicy Couture (anything)
  15. lv monogram is not my fave bag, although i i love most of the limited edition like panda, cerises, conte de fees.

    d&b : i still don't get this bag

    juicy couture


    dior saddle & gaucho bag


    chanel cambon