Designer Brands You Will Never Buy

  1. I love LV, but I've never found the appeal of the Damier line or the new Groom line. :shrugs:
  2. So true about the hardware store look - can't stand the Koobas that are too boho and studded!
    Also not a fan of the LV cerise, the black MC line or the perfo.
    I have mixed feelings about the Paddy - some days I like it, others I hate it.
  3. I agree. My older cousin loves anything Louis Vuitton, while I just don't get the appeal. Maybe it's the prevalence of the logo and the fact that I see so many people carrying fakes...? Something about it just puts me off.

    Also, I hate the Chloe Paddington with a passion. I'm sorry!
  4. I dont like Juicy bags that much...too much going on in those darn bags..the tassels, cut up leather parts, bling bling and big logos and sayings on them...:yucky:

    And especially Baby phat bags annoy me. Anything that is TOO diva-ish is not my style!!!....
  5. True. Absolutely true. I cannot stand those bags. Everytime I step into Macy's that's all I see.:cursing:

    They are just so awful. All that stuff hanging from them....UGG!!!

    I feel like all I need is a rabbit's foot attached to the zipper to complete the trashy look. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  6. spy
  7. The LV multicolor (especially the black background ones)... To me it is just so silly and not attractive.

    A lot of people seem to love them though, so it's really very subjective.
  8. i don't like the chloe paddy! it's extremely heavy! :p
    and i don't like the YSL muse! :T
  9. Monograms by any brand. I don't want to be an (unpaid) advertiser for anyone and just think initials everywhere are unattractive. Peggy
  10. Same one I dislike! It reminds me of the colorful Dooney & Bourke bags. Yuck! :yucky:
  11. In total agreement. I have six Dooney's and once they started selling those God awful bags, I never bought another Dooney.

    Of course, I never said I'll never buy one in the future. :whistle:
  12. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who doesn't like the Birkin (don't shoot me either). By saying this I think there's an automatic assumption that I don't like it because I can't afford it (it's true that I can't, but this isn't a sour grapes thing), but it's just the style. If Hermes made LV's denim monogram bags I'd LOVE them to death...but they don't.

    I also don't like Chanel's bags. I used to LOVE Chanel and couldn't wait to get my hands on a quilted leather Chanel bag, but now I find those bags so boring. They look like they're for 50-year olds (no offense). Coco Chanel is a personal idol of mine, but I don't like the brand's bags.

    I'm not too big on the Gucci bags with the horsebit details either. I think the horsebit design looks awkward and kind of ugly.

    Other than these, there aren't any bags that I really don't like, except the Dior Rasta (one of the PF members reminded me of this).
  13. I agree with you! Anything that just has a designer's name or logo all over it isnt that creative or unique to me.....its just like its there to announce...."I have this regular shaped bag, but it was definitely made by LV LV LV or DIO DIOR, I paid a LOT for it and want everyone to know. Thats just how monogram stuff comes off to me though. Love the balenciaga even though its gotten old....
  14. Ha ha! :nuts: Love this thread ...

    Rage bags which I can't stand:


    Tacky as all get-out in my book - I don't care what it cost. The only one in this category I can even slightly forgive is the original LV mono, and that's only because it has been around so long it strikes a chord of nostalgia...(LV as retro? Yes ma'am!) :rolleyes:

    As far as "hot bags which I don't get" goes .. the YSL Muse. Never did understand that one or all the fuss ...
  15. I think the LV one is okay because it's been around since the 1800's and is made of flower designs mixed with logos.

    And the Muse...I forgot about that. It looks weird to me so I guess I don't get the hype either.