Design Your Own Rogue

  1. I was thinking that.
  2. Then I go back to thinking, but the butterscotch isn't a true orange, and the hardware on the butterscotch is the black one that ends up looking like crap, and the butterscotch doesn't have the oxblood shoulder straps, overlay, hangtag or keyhood, and the butterscotch isn't a 36. Lol, I'm truly hopeless.
  3. That's not hopeless; you know exactly what you want and that's a good thing!
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  4. You get exactly what you want! If you like the ginger, no matter how "close" it is to Butterscotch, then go for it! This is your personal bag :smile:
  5. It's love!

    I was going to do it in a 36, but after taping together printer paper to truly get a sense of the size, I've discovered the 36 is HUGE. I'm going to make it in the normal size.
    IMG_2998.JPG IMG_0996.PNG
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  6. Isn't it funny how after a few iterations, one rendition just hits the mark!!!! Congrats! She is very elegant.
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  7. Yayy!! Looks wonderful! Just remember this drawing says size 36.
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  8. You found the one that's perfect for you and it's beautiful! Congratulations!
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  9. She is officially on order! I can't wait to get her!
  10. Congrats! Very beautiful color combination. Mine will arrive in a couple of weeks, can't wait to see it.
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  11. Very pretty combination. Can't wait to see pictures.
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    Okay guys!!! I have good/bad news at the same time. Good for us, bad for our wallets at least for mine. Coach is going to have a special event where we can customize Tea Rose Appliqué. It will be sometimes in March
  13. Really?! Now I'm second guessing my new pink/black tea rose 25. If I could make something similar in the regular size I would lose my mind lol. The 25 fits all of my stuff but the regular is my perfect sized bag.
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  14. Omg...if that can be done for the 36 wallet won't be safe!!
  15. OMG. I'm so excited!!!!