Design Your Own Rogue

  1. I saw one Instagram today that Coach opened it's new Regent Street Flagship store in London.

    Regent St in one of 2 planned "Coach House" stores, that are to offer the complete American House of Leather experience. The second "Coach House" is to open at 685 Fifth Avenue on November 19th.

    One of the experiences at Regent Street is a made to order Rogue bag service bar. I haven't heard word on pricing, but I imagine this will come to 5th Ave as well.

  2. What a dream that would be!!!
  3. This must be what heaven looks like :biggrin:
  4. Yes, heaven!
  5. Wow, just like LV's service! I would love a Rogue if I could get them to put a pocket in one of the outside sections and get rid of the kiss-lock purse inside .. that would be my design wish :smile:.
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    Thank you so much for posting this! Now I can order the brass hardware on any Rogue bag I want!
  7. Are you in the UK? Let us know pricing and options on this!
  8. I am in the US and I have already talked to one of the managers who will be working at the new Fifth Ave. flagship store in New York when it opens next week. As soon as I hear from her, I will report back with details!
  9. I so want this bag in the medium size

  10. I would looovvvee that too!
  11. I heard medium tea rose will be out soon
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  12. I think I'm dreaming...
    There is an announcement on website but looks like Coach is keeping it under wraps for now.
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  13. There was a press release issued for Coach House opening on 5th Avenue.

    The Made to Order Rogue Experience will include:
    • 9 points of customization
    • Over 1 million possible combinations