Design Your Own Rogue

  1. I got swatches today of the olive rogue I want to make. I like the swatches, but I also got a picture of a bag on coach's website that is also a combination of smooth and pebble olive leather. In your opinion, which picture is a more accurate representation of the colors?
    IMG_2980.JPG IMG_2978.JPG
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  2. Coach House Made To Order had to close their account due to TPF rules. Maybe you could ask your SA to place the bag next to the swatches and take a picture of them next to each other? That way you can see them both under the same lighting conditions. And maybe she could take a picture next to a window so you can see them in natural light, too.

    Your swatches look beautiful by the way!
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  3. Sorry to hear that -- (about him having to close account). I WAS wondering if tPF was okay with Coach House appearing on here -- as cool as that was, I suspected it wouldn't be protocol for this forum.
  4. He was just trying to help with all the questions everyone was having.
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  5. My SA, who was going to be coordinating the Coach House profile with Kyle, let me know this morning that they were not going to continue posting but they will still be only a text or phone call away.
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  6. Oh, I know! I loved the idea -- just saying that tPF has a certain protocol to be followed...not judging.
  7. It's very kind if you to try to help out with this project!
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  8. They are indeed the same color.
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  9. I have had TPFers help me and it makes me happy to be able to help in return. Gotta love good karma lol.
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  10. Do you love it? It's one of those colors that changes depending on the light and I think that's a beautiful characteristic of the leather.
  11. In that picture yes. However, I know that the saddle bag really looks like the picture below, so no. I thought it was just going to be a darker olive green, but it's really a completely different shade. At least, I eliminated a bag from the ones I liked. I'm leaning to the one that is close to the butterscotch rogue now. I haven't pulled the trigger yet though.
    IMG_2978.JPG IMG_0974.PNG IMG_4545.JPG
  12. Yes, at least you're narrowing it down! The ginger is a really pretty option, too.
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  13. Very pretty!
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  14. FYI there seems to be a small flood of butterscotch Rogues on eBay at the moment. You'd probably be able to buy one for $700 or under. So maybe nab one of those and save your Made to Order for an original design?!
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  15. Tons of options
    Thanks to Kyle
    IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1386.JPG IMG_1387.JPG IMG_1388.JPG IMG_1394.JPG IMG_1395.JPG IMG_1396.JPG IMG_1397.JPG
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