Dedicated to all MANOLO's owners... POST PICS!!!

  1. Thanks for the advice ladies, I'll continue to wait some more! I called NM, they told me another month or so for my wait.
  2. These custom BB's are like a gift. Seriously when you get them, it's like the best Christmas present! When I got my first shipment of different pretty suede ones in my perfect heel height, it was just heaven!!!
  3. hehe you're making me anxious now... well I already have a few pairs of BBs... but I'm missing one color... in a particular heel height... this custom pair is going to fill the spot perfectly! :p
  4. Here are some more pics from the fall collection. I love sparkly things so am posting shoes that glitter. :tender:
    e URMUNAFlat 1055.jpg g HANGISIFLAT 955 C.jpg i HANGISIFLAT 955 B.jpg
  5. 50 mm, 1.5 inch
    a CAROLYNDOone 885.jpg o SRILA SIAMone 1685.jpg p HANGISIone 965.jpg
  6. 70 mm, 2.5 inches
    a1 DRAGAtwo $ 745.jpg 3 CAROLYNEtwo 845.jpg 6 ARLETItwo 925 .jpg
  7. 90 mm, 3.5 inches

    These are BB jewel
    b BB JEWELthree 1095 D.jpg d BB JEWELthree 1095 B.jpg a BB JEWELthree 1095 C.jpg
  8. 105 mm, 4 inches
    q7 HANGISIfour 965 A.jpg p8 BB SIAMfour 1685.jpg p7a CAROLYNECAPNYfour 1045.jpg q3 STABIfour 755.jpg
  9. A few from the classics section
    CESABIFLATclasss 915.jpg ORIENTALIAclass 1095 A.jpg SEDARABYclasss 755 A.jpg
  10. Alligator
    4 CAROLYNE5gator 2995.jpg 4a CAROLYNDOgator 3150.jpg 3 BLIXA9gator 4600.jpg 4 BLIXAgator 4600.jpg
  11. Handbags and clutches
    clutchASTOR $9775.jpg clutchGOTHASA best 7995.jpg clutchLUDLOW $1495 (2).jpg clutchPETIT $6100.jpg
  12. Beautiful! Thx for posting :smile:
  13. I love this eye candy. Manolo does a pointy toe pump like no one else
  14. My little Manolo collection :smile:

  15. I am thinking of ordering the scarlet suede BB from the NM BB boutique online in the 115 heel height. These will be my first pair of BB... I tried on the suede 105 for reference since the sizing guide says they are similar. I am in between sizes and I am inclined to stick with the smaller size to account for stretching.

    Does the suede 105 BB stretch out a lot?