Dedicated to all MANOLO's owners... POST PICS!!!

  1. This is a another great version of the Campari's which I love. I've been meaning to get myself a pair of the Campy's for a while now too as I've worn out my Campari's to death lol
  2. It's a great shoe, I vote for keeping it. And I'm a huge fan of nude shoes. Just ordered more from the Neiman Marcus special order section, plus some others as well.

    I swear any more stuff comes into this house I'm gonna have to move out and live in the driveway. :cool:
  3. Thanks for your advice! I do love them and will try them on again tonight to make sure how much I love them. The nude is a really nice nude...
    I did really like the red too. Below a pic of the red CAMPY next to nude patent BB

  4. I do have love for the Mary Janes and just purchased the Caira in neon green.
  5. Those are just so feminine aren't they, they nude would work with so many outfits.
  6. Did anyone do a custom BB from neiman's??? I'm still waiting for my shoes and they haven't come in yet.
  7. Yes got my order from the first go round from several months back. Ordered more about a month ago but haven't gotten them yet. They actually get shipped to us from the MB boutique on W. 54th and not from NM.

    Go figure.
  8. Ok thanks for letting me know. I appreciate you sharing your experience with us :smile:
  9. :hugs:
  10. I ordered a 3.5 inch heel in green suede a few weeks ago. Still waiting for them. I don't expect them for a while.
  11. The initial go round said it would be 3 months until we'd get our shoes. They came much quicker so likely we will all be seeing them soon! (I got the green suede ones last time and love them!!!)
  12. Thanks, dear!:smooch:
  13. A smattering of fall shoes:
    c DOLCINA 735.jpg g SRWILTRAU 745.jpg 6 BB FLAT 645 A.jpg 8 NEWCIO 895.jpg
  14. .
    4 BB 595 D.jpg d SISTI 745.jpg 2a BB $ 595.jpg 5 USSARO 1495.jpg
  15. Oh, I love the polka dot ones. Thanks for posting pics!