Dedicated to all MANOLO's owners... POST PICS!!!

  1. Oh no disaster - leopard suede
  2. It looks like NM updated the color selection. Glad I ordered my scarlet suede 115mm
  3. My custom BB is coming soon around mid-November :happydance:

    In the meantime, I've added to my collection the ever so classic Campari 105





    Comparison pix to my old nude Campari 90 - really beat up cuz I've worn them so much!


    Lastly mod pix:

  4. Fabulous modeling shots! I've never bitten the bullet on them but may have to now, they look awesome and especially with the leather leggings!

  5. Hey hun! Long time! You look as impeccably classy as always. I love this style. Have the red in 105 and looking to add the round toe version of it in nude :smile:
  6. Thank you Bougainvillier!! How are things going? Hope you're doing well!
    Yeah I'm gravitating toward the older styles these days. And I've been eyeing those round toe Campy's too! They're gorgeous and great for work too. Can't wait to see your reveal! :biggrin:

    Awww thanks Audreylita! You should really get them!!

    I originally fell in love with the Campari's - not because of SJP on SATC - but after seeing Emma Elwick-Bates styling a model on one of NAP's videos. She was just rocking those heels! Here are some screen shots:


    Btw, the waxed jeans are by Hudson if you're interested. My pix don't capture the texture that well:

  7. I just purchased my first pair of BB pumps in nude patent and they're SO beautiful... but so so SO painful. =( this is saying a lot, because I am used to painful shoes and live by the motto "beauty is pain." I don't even think my feet are that wide, but I feel like the shoes are too narrow for me. Would it help to get them professionally stretched? I tried sizing up but it was way too big. Any advice would help!
  8. There's nothing worse than shoes that are too tight. Sometimes Manolo makes a toe that is just too pointy for me. I always will size up and then just put a small cushion in the front of the shoe.
  9. I am good. Thanks for asking! I really liked Louboutin Wallis and I just saw the new style Charlene in nude patent. They have a bit of shorter toe than Campy but I have not bought Louboutins for long... Tempted. A decision needs to be made! :graucho:
  10. Oooh! I like that style too! It's basically a ron ron, which is really comfy for me. I used to debate between the Wallis and Eventa too. I went for the Eventa in the end which is also like a Mary Jane style.
    Yeah, I haven't bought any CLs in a long time too... things got a little too wild for the boring old me lol
    but let me know what you decide and do share your reveal :biggrin:
  11. I really like the straps closer to the toe thus Wallis over Eventa. But in general I have a Mary Lane weakness. I know exactly what you are talking about. I find myself going to the boring pairs, always. Maybe it's my work, or lifestyle. I am getting old :p But I did add a pair of fifi in black nappa silver spikes. I view those as edgy.. Imagine my other boring purchases.

    I will surely keep you posted when I get my nude Mary Janes. It shall happen soon!
  12. I have the regular BBs in the standard height (105, I think?) in size 39. I want to special order BBs in nude suede, but a lower height: 90mm.

    Do I stick with the 39?
  13. I've found I'm true to size in all the heel heights EXCEPT the small 2" heel. The toe was very pointy which made the shoe too tight so I had to return it. You should be good with your regular size with the other heights. His shoes are all hand made so you do sometimes get slight variations.
  14. hello ladies, I am looking for a pair of black pointy shoes for work and I don't know which one is more comfy, Jimmy choo or manolo? thx:smile:
  15. I would say Manolos. My Choos are not as balanced and over-all-comfortable as my Manolos. It could be that they could fit MY feet better so I guess you would have to try some of each to know what fits your feet. I can just say that I didn't like shoes at all before. Just wanted to walk barefoot. And now I sometimes walk barefoot and sometimes I feel like I am walking barefoot ... in my Manolos. ;)