Decision, decision...

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  1. Hi,

    I am having split decision between buying two different brands' hangbags. Do I go with Gucci or Louis Vuitton? I have been eyeing on tuquiose crocodile Irina or a while now, and finally they have it down to $7229. It's nearly 50% off...well, not exactly. But then, I also spotted Prefall collection of Louis Vuitton's suede Irene bag. It's a lot cheaper, and not to mention, there has been price adjustment to this bag too. It dropped from $4040 to a little over $3800. So which one would you get and "why"? :P
  2. Well...if it was a bag that I have been drooling over in the Gucci line and I had enough for it and felt that I could not live without it...I would get it...however since I personally am done with Gucci I have made a mental note that everything for me from here on out WILL BE LOUIS then I would have to say LV. I have been where you are waffling between a Gucci and a Louis...I went with Gucci at the time...and now that I look back...I could kick myself...I should have went with LV. I would examine my gut and see which calls your name the loudest...if that Gucci bag is really calling you, then go with your I would go with LV...just better quality IMO. I hope that made sense.
  3. Thanks for your input. It was appreciated.

    I have a Gucci hysteria python bag and now I want a crocodile bag, but Carlos Falchi or Nancy Gonzalez are not my brands. Gucci and Louis Vuitton are two of my fav brands. There was no way I could cough up 32K for Louis Neverfull crocodile bag but with Gucci's sale I can manage it, just a little. haha. :supacool: But then again, I will have to be paying my CC bills the coming months. If I go with Louis Vuitton, I can flex a little with CC bills.
  4. I love the irene! I vote for that
  5. exotic vs suede......go for exotic
  6. irene
  7. I vote LV...everyone i know who gets a gucci regrets it from the lack og quality for the money you pay. LV not only is great quality but gorgeous too!
  8. AMEN!!!!!!!!! That is exactly what happened to me and I said NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! I vowed everything would be LV after that!!!!
  9. Irene!!!
  10. I always choose LV -- and I love the Irene!!
  11. That suede Irene is amazing! I love the dark choco color. Maybe you should post pics of the Gucci bag.
  12. #12 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    I agree. I've heard Gucci's quality is not as good as LV, but I can't speak from personal experience. Don't shoot me Gucci lovers! :sos: :bagslap: :whiteflag:
  13. get the Irene!
  14. Not a fan of suede as it's hard to take care of so, my vote goes to croc! ;)
  15. I won't shoot you are telling the truth!!! I am not a Gucci Lover...I used to be until my latest purchases...I just was not impressed with Gucci anymore...I felt like their bags are kind of flimsy to me...whereas with LV...those babies can through world wars!!!!!!!