Decision, decision...

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  1. I'm not a fan of the Irina's shape... I say go for the Irene! I love everything about it. Although suede is a bit more of a headache with caring for it... I say go for the Monogram Canvas.
  2. Thanks! I'd appreciate it! I don't have any Gucci, but have looked at then looked away. :smile: As you said, the quality just seems inferior.
  3. lollll!!!
  4. Suede is a nightmare, IMHO. I will never again purchase anything over $500 made of suede.

    I would go for the croc. I'd assume that the overall quality will be better on a $7k bag and you may not be able to get a croc handbag in the future (depending on protection laws). The only valid argument I can see against the Gucci is that you'll be going in debt over a bag. So I wouldn't buy either right now.
  5. i'd go for irene, but why not go to the next level and get a chanel or hermes birkin? i'm sur it fits your budget.
  6. I agree. I already said LV, I didn't even think about Hermes. I'd normally say LV, but a non-exotic Birkin or Kelly is in the $7,000 range anyway. If I had the choice (even though I'm a guy :P) I'd still go for the Hermes.
  7. I agree too!! I am a Louis girl all the way now.

    I love the new Irene...go for it and good luck!!
  8. Hmm...Hermes birkin does not cross my mind. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Well...for one thing, Hermes is too plain for me. I mean, there are no motifs or decoration and stuffs. I mean, I would get a birkin if they start putting a birkin with decorative motifs. Besides, I heard there is a waiting list and it is forever to get it.
  9. I am not a Gucci fan. If you have been saving forever for this particular bag, however, then you should buy it.
  10. True. Birkins are more understated. I'd go for the Irene then, its really pretty and of high quality. Do you have any Gucci's currently? I'm sure the Gucci bags you already have (if you do) could help you determine whether or not you think the quality is on par with LV's.
  11. Well...I don't think Gucci is as bad as what everyone said. I mean, it is another company that is actually different from LV in its headquarter. LV is LVMH and Gucci is PPR. So, Gucci have to keep up if it is as bad as it said to be.

    I want to own exotic pieces but I never thought I would get to own one. And then, boom! Gucci went on sale of their hysteria python tote. I bought it recently and it is great! And then, boo boom! Croc reappears and got cheaper than before! So, I am tempted to get that one too. I know I am going to max out on my CC cards, but I will handle the situation later. But then, I saw Prefall collection of LV and I know LV is quite timeless in their products so I am torn between the two. The product quality of both companies are good. No complaints from me.

    Now, I wish I have more $$. Don't we all? haha.
  12. I have to add in regards to Gucci's quality, my coworker/friend has the all leather medium Indy bag by Gucci and it is just crazy beautiful. It is her only bag and the leather still looks rich and brand new... It definitely is a high quality handbag. I think with Gucci, you get what you pay for. The cheaper bags look cheap and the more expensive ones hold their own in the purse hierarchy.

    I would really reconsider putting an expensive bag on a credit card though... Your interest rate is not set and it's not the best economic climate to go into debt for a bag.
  13. You're on the LV Forum so people will most likely vote for LV.

    I am going to say the Turquoise Crocodile from Gucci since material wise, it's worth more than the Irene.
  14. Love LV
  15. I vote LV! The Irene's a beautiful bag!
    Lost interest in Gucci... Only got the indy bag since Tom Ford left!